A couple thinking of adopting a “big dog” in a shelter, a veterinarian reveals the incredible fact!

Mazel’s owners were shocked when the veterinarian told them that their new pet was not the big cat they had imagined. This dog – that’s not all – but can be a family member in his own right.

Just recently tumblr, one woman told how, before she was born, her parents adopted a wolf hybrid when they thought they were dealing with a classic dog. A story told by glass.

After a period of mourning, Mom and Dad decided to have a dog together, as a couple “explained the author of the post. In 1987, and his mother lost her dog, a German Shepherd named cops.

Her parents went to the shelter Palo Alto in California, where they asked if they could adopt a ” big dog “. The manager told them he had what they were looking for. He provided them with a female of great offspring and for experienced masters, with a reduced adoption fee.

The dog weighed 45 kilos. For parents, this is love at first sight. They officially adopted him that day and took him home. They called him mazelsuch as the congratulatory formula in the Hebrew “mazel tov”.

A female dog is unlike any other

Very quickly, the new owners mazel realized he wasn’t a dog like the others. Within minutes, he was able to open the lid of the container where his kibbles were stored in the garage. while cops, he had never touched it in his life, silently waiting to be served. One day, he swallowed nearly 2 pounds of kibble secretly.

Often, dogs will only bark when they see a squirrel, and more often than not they will run after it without catching it. With mazel, it is different; he is tracked and retrieved one of the 2and day, offer it to my mother as an offering “Said the author of the publication.

The dog has become accustomed to opening the outside gate to get out and quietly walk around the neighborhood, before returning home at dinner time. He learned quickly and easily.

His masters began to doubt. They took him to the vet, who seemed stunned when he finished examining the animal. He turned to the parents who asked them: Where did you get a wolf? “. Angered, the practitioner called the shelter to tell officers what he thought of their approach.

Article illustration: A couple contemplating adopting a “big dog” in a shelter, a veterinarian reveals a remarkable fact!
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mazel in fact, a female wolf dog, with a large percentage of wild dog genetics. He also has a Siberian Husky part.

The only wolfdog breeds recognized by the FCI and the main canine body are the Saarloos Wolfdog and the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. Animals in need and highly experienced masters.

Great nanny

The mother however decided to stay mazel. He knew he was ready and had enough experience to manage it. Most of all, he was very attached to her.

2 years ago, the mistress of mazel pregnant with narrator. The dog felt this and began to dig under the fence to constantly get out and hunt several squirrels, which he deposited in front of his owner.

Then, the day before the birth, the expectant mother was in the hospital. The husband brought one of his sweaters, which carried his scent, to give mazel. The wolf dog spent the whole night clutching the cloth.

The next day, his mistress and the newborn arrived. With the child mazel immediately showed himself to be extremely protective and kind, spending most of his time at the foot of the hammock.

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Article illustration: A couple contemplating adopting a “big dog” in a shelter, a veterinarian reveals a remarkable fact!
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At the time, the veterinarian had already advised the parents to separate from him before the child was born, but the couple refused. The practitioner changed his mind when he saw, soon after, the girl holding his mouth. mazel open it and insert his face into it to look at his teeth.

mazel spent beautiful and long years within this family, giving love and joy innumerable to its members. He died in his sleep at the age of 19, marking hearts and minds with his beautiful memory.

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