Web3 at the center of conversations

Under the Greek sun the 2022 Summer Edition of lesBigBoss made a popular return to face-to-face format, for the first time since the Covid crisis.

The event is highly anticipated. For this 15th opus of lesBigBoss summer edition, held in Greece, the attendance record was beaten with more than 700 participants. For a day and a half, the traditional seven-minute speed dating between service providers and decision makers followed each other, all with beautiful views of the Mediterranean. In total, nearly 7,000 meetings between 175 service provider companies and 275 digital decision-makers were organized. The opportunity for the former to find qualified leads and for the latter to source their next new solutions. At the same time, participants were able to participate in activities and dinners that gave way to informal meetings which was the strength of the activity. “In a collaboration, the human aspect comes first,” said Hervé Bloch, founder of BigBoss.

Web3 on everyone’s lips

This is one of the big themes this year: Web3. While the terms “Blockchain”, “Metaverse” and “NFT” are now on everyone’s lips, many companies, worried about not forgetting the wave, are wondering what initiatives will be taken. A task that is even more dangerous because it’s an area they don’t always understand. “We have a lot of requests from companies this year to talk about Web3”, confirmed Hervé Bloch.

A wish was immediately granted by the manager and his teams who selected for the first time a dozen selected service providers. Very busy during the event, the agendas of these Web3 startups are often full. They need to demonstrate pedagogy to explain the potential of Metaverse to existing companies. Clément Foucher, co-founder of Metav.rs, thus stressed the importance of showing empathy to the younger generation who use metaverses and other connected video games to live interactive social experiences .

“Digital identity is the new social marker of Generation Z,” said the young entrepreneur, whose company specializes in creating 3D universes for businesses. He added: “Why wear a trendy pair of sneakers to the school playground when you can do it in front of 10,000 people at Fortnite?”.

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However, the leaders encountered immediately believed that they felt a real need for support on this topic, especially to avoid any negative buzz, such as the criticisms received by Carrefour with its initiative to conduct job interviews. It has to be said that Web3 start-ups are currently in high demand and have little difficulty generating future leads. “However, an event like BigBoss allows them to get quality contacts with large accounts with multiple budgets and thus avoid wasting time on the curious”, justifies Hervé Bloch. At this time saving for decision makers and service providers is really the hallmark of lesBigBoss events.

A conference dedicated to Web3 and the metaverse was specially organized to allow all the leaders present to discover, with the support of videos, the universes of Sandbox, Decentraland, Horizon Worlds (Meta) or even Roblox. The guard of all speakers is the same: adopt a test and learn approach before it is fully launched.

Zakaria Laabid, co-founder of Virstate, an agency that specializes in building virtual architectures, insisted on the importance of designing interactive and phygital experiences. (mixing digital and physical world, editor’s note). “NFT is a bit like a virtual club, so you have to think from the beginning about the amount it will bring to its owner and how it can help unite a community,” he explains. Frédéric Lefret, the founder of the Immersive Talents Agency, advises his part on acculturating the codes of this universe. “Like the world of video games, the world of Web3 has certain codes that you need to know before committing to it.”

For the occasion, Hervé Bloch and his team prepared a surprise for all participants. Everyone was able to leave with a unique NFT specially made for the occasion. More than 300 people uploaded their NFTs at the end of the event, one of them winning a trip. One way to encourage leaders to take a first step toward this Web3 is as abstract to some.

Rewards, networking and… the end of air travel

Several decision makers and service providers were honored again during the traditional “BigBoss Awards”, with the jury led by Soumia Hadjali, chief digital officer EME at Sephora. Among this year’s winners are Influence4You, Partouche, Teaminside, Youlovewords, Adsteroïd, ParisShanghaï and Cognac Martell. The “Everyone Against Cancer” association was also promoted through a co-optation initiative of the participants.

Finally, in addition to Web3, CSR is undoubtedly the other major theme of the activity. As for the issue of reducing the carbon footprint of employees, it is one of the major topics today. For her part, Hervé Bloch decided by announcing that this was BigBoss ’last event involving air travel. So subsequent editions would be made only by train and would likely be made in the South of France or the North of Spain or Italy.

Those who aren’t confident in this Summer Edition 2022 can be confident, they still have a chance to catch up by coming to the next Winter Edition, another flagship BigBoss event, which will take place at Club Med from December 9 to 11, 2022.

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