The Adopte1alternant platform facilitates relationships between companies and students

With Adopte1alternant, the twin brothers want to facilitate professional interaction among students, enhance local employment and the attractiveness of the territory, streamline the orientation of candidates and improve the visibility of recruiters. And to achieve this, they rely on their ten years of experience in the field of higher education, training and support.

The first 100% free turnkey site dedicated to job-study and internships in Aisne, Oise and Somme, Adopt1alternant aims to be a facilitator, for students but also for companies, on offer tailored and targeted recruitment solutions.

Beyond this direct relationship between the two parties, students benefited from advice on writing their CV and cover letter, preparing for the job interview and being on social networks. For their part, companies have the possibility to obtain information on the regulations governing apprenticeship and professionalization contracts, and their obligations as an employer.

A platform

“Our job board has a specialty exclusively dedicated to internships and job study programs, in Picardy”, explains Sébastien Mezieres, who has worked for 15 years in the world of education and training and who is primarily from the Idrac and Sup de com establishments in Amiens. Same background for his brother Francky, who has thrived for many years in the training sector, with the Social and Solidarity Economy (ESS) color.

They have been maturing this project for some time, “and given the economic situation and the health crisis, we feel this is the right time to launch the Adopt1alternant platform, in February”narrated Sébastien Mezieres, today “200%” invested in this new adventure.

“We realized that there are three types of students: those who can easily find an internship or a work-study program thanks to the network around them, those who are able to find it on their own, and a final category, more half of the students, who don’t know how to proceed.Above all for them that our services are aimed at, we want to put their feet in the stirrup, professionally speaking, they are moving, but there is no chance to come to the interviews, we are here to provide them with effective solutions »explanation of the leader.

The site puts employers and students in direct contact. (c) Adobe Stock

Sixty companies have partnered

The site is designed to optimize the autonomy of students and companies, the former can consult the advertisements and apply directly to the recruiter’s mailbox. Sébastien and Francky Mezieres have done a lot of work in search and communication going forward: targeting students (150 students and some already registered) through social networks, by setting up partnerships in the offices of students… and companies.

Sixty are already partners in the scheme, they value the local side of the approach and the possibility of reaching a population of students they would not have “met” without the Adopte1alternant, who can also promote their awareness or their highlights (job dating, open days, etc.) on their social networks.

“We are a real relay for them, able to promote their employer brand to students”committed to the entrepreneur, who with his Franky also to develop cooperation with employment actors, local Mission and Pôle Emploi, institutions (Regions, Departmental Councils, municipalities, etc.), training centers, influencers and talking to parents.

“Our aspiration is that the site has a public, economic and social use”

“We started by reaching out to many groups, especially industrial ones, who take out work-study contracts every year, in a wide variety of fields, with a sufficient number. For example this is the case with Plastic Omnium. , looking for 16 job study students, or Gima, recruiting twelve.said Sébastien Mezieres.

Since February, nearly forty offers have ended, “We do not set our own limits, our desire is that the site has a public, economic and social use, that it can arouse real interest. With the ambition that our platform can be the chosen interlocutor for job study programs and internships in Picardy, and eventually expand the concept to the whole region, and later to Normandy ”continued the leader, wishing with his brother to maintain this beautiful dynamic, to go for a few months, to the strength of their results, to seek public and private funds .

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