“Sex education” at Oberlin high school in Strasbourg

8:10 a.m. Sitting in onion lines, behind the amphitheater, students disperse. All of the second class at Oberlin vocational school, they knew right away that the next two hours, this Friday morning in February, would be a little “special”. “I invite you to come down and come to me,” Dr. asked. Chloé Blum, after slowly pushing the teachers towards the exit. Sexologist and perineum specialist, Chloé Blum has been working since 2018 at the request of this establishment in Strasbourg, through the Info Ado platform. Its role: to address sexuality and all that surrounds them, without taboos.

Chloe Blum. ASAPP MZ

Avoid “touching” topics

“First sex at 14, normal or abnormal?”, She said, to break the ice. “Bah yeah”, “bah nan”, fuse, in an almost inaudible voice. “Well there is no standard. It’s up to you to tell when you’re ready, ”Chloé Blum replied, before continuing. “A 2-minute report, normal or abnormal? “Not normal”, replied the most daring, with a little laugh added. “Again, there is no standard. The only standard is the law. You need the valid consent of two people “, he introduced, before explaining the concept, insisting on the” valid “part of the consent. Divided into three parts, his intervention aimed, at two short time, to address general aspects of sexuality, restraint – the use of female and male contraceptives among others – and even more “touching” topics, are often put under the carpet of national education, as as homosexuality, sexual pleasure generated by clitoris or orgasm, female and male.

Generation Covid

“Ladies, do you take the pill in the morning or at night?» Awkward silence. The opportunity for Dr. Blum to go back and review other contraceptive methods like the IUD or the implant, “is the most appropriate for a teenager. “On the part of condom application,” I won’t show you a banana, especially in 1980, “Dr. Blum smiled.” You have to pinch the air bubble, we unfolded. and we go, “he summarizes. Before remembering that its use serves as a contraceptive as a shield against various STDs and STIs.” If we inhale, do we get diseases? “, daring to a student. “How did you know you had AIDS? asked another.” We did an antigenic test “, replied, without laughter, a colleague.

“If I’m here now, it’s so you don’t have to have an abortion,” Dr. Chloé Blum has previously outlined a number of contraceptive methods. ASAPP MZ

The ice is already in a thousand pieces. The sexologist used his second degree and self -mockery. “You’ll be very disappointed, because I have no limits,” the sex therapist said to a mocking student.

I never said profanity from the beginning, but on the other hand I repeated it when it was already in use, so they could see that nothing would shock me, but I also used the same language for sessions that were not taboo.

Dr. Chloe Blum on ASAPP

9:30 a.m. In a bright pink envelope, Chloé Blum draws a few small words, which she used to write on pieces of paper. “Lubricant”, “HPV” – only 2 students over 30 said they were vaccinated – “clitoris”, “porn” … “We didn’t watch this, for about 18 and up”, laughed a student. “I wouldn’t tell you not to watch it. As long as it’s not the reality. Vulvas are often also made for example. Other words denigrate popular taboos: “incest” or even “virginity before marriage”.

“A third of women do not have a hymen,” she explains. “No one seems to be riding a horse anymore,” said one young man. “Yes, that’s true, but it’s enough to bike over the rocks of Grand Rue again. The hymen is very good ”, he said, before testifying“ that there is also no way to know if a woman is a virgin ”.

The flashy pink envelope has many themes that are sometimes taboo. ASAPP MZ

“I don’t know anything about contraception”

Some ideas, far from available, are likely for 15-year-old teenagers. “I didn’t know anything about contraception, or most of the things she talked about,” admits Julie.

, appear to be more informed at the end of the session. The young woman and her friend Leslie, who often says she can get information on Youtube and Tik Tok, leave with leads for their future contraception. “Worried that in high school they didn’t know that,” Drs. Blum. However, since 2001 and under Aubry law, sex education has been compulsory in schools, colleges and high schools, at the rate of three annual sessions. But “they are given in largely inadequate way from a quantitative as well as qualitative point of view”, points out a 2021 investigation report from the #NousToutes collective, alerting presidential candidates on this subject.


This is, on average, the number of sexuality education sessions claimed by 10,938 respondents in the national survey of sexuality education sessions conducted by #NousToutes .. .against the 21 planned at least during the trial. -school. This would explain the apparent lack of knowledge related to sexual and affective relationships, gender equality or gender-based and sexual violence, which is nonetheless significant.

These figures will be explained in particular by the skepticism of some schools, under pressure. Sometimes dangerous topics, such as those mentioned by Drs. Blum in this session, may not please some parents.

Misunderstandings and prejudices

At Oberlin High School, implementing these annual interventions seems more than important. “There are prejudices, misunderstandings, problems related to sexuality and that allows for freedom of speech”, commented Mr. Schindler, deputy chief. “They’re funny and chaotic enough to make it dynamic,” the sexologist rejoiced. I’m not here to say that there is a butterfly in the stomach, we are in trouble because we are old. »

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