“I owe him my life”

A California woman’s dog was hailed as a hero after standing up for its owner when a mountain lion attacked the couple.

The woman, who was identified as Erin Wilson, encountered the mountain lion while walking with her dog Eva near the picnic area on State Route 299 in Trinity County on Monday.

After getting out of his car with his dog, the duo started walking down a path with Eva slowly following. Before Wilson knew it, a mountain lion jumped from his side and struck him on his left shoulder.

Eva is a 2 and a half year Belgian Malinois recovering from her fight with a puma.Dog_rates/Instagram

While he was sick, Wilson called his dog.

“I shouted ‘Eva!’ and he ran, ”Wilson told the Sacramento Bee on Wednesday. “And he hit the cat hard. »

Wilson noticed that his 2.5-year-old dog weighed 55 pounds and did his best to lower the cougar.

“They fought for a few seconds and then I heard him start crying,” Wilson said. “That’s why the cat stuck to his skull. »

The lion bit the dog’s head with a tight grip. While trying to separate the animals, Wilson threw rocks at the lion and even tried to pierce its eyes to free Eva, but it was unsuccessful. Wilson got back on the road and flagged a passerby, named Sharon Houston, for help.

Wilson told the Sacramento Bee he used an iron wheel from his pickup truck to get Houston’s attention.

Together, they used a piece of PVC pipe that was in Houston in his car to beat the mountain lion, which began dragging the dog away from the track.

The lion finally had enough and let Eve go. He then fled after Houston sprayed him with pepper spray in the eyes.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is trying to catch the cougar that attacked a California woman and her dog earlier this week.Dog_Rates/Twitter

After the argument, Wilson took Eva to a veterinarian for immediate care and then he took himself to see someone in Redding, California.

“I don’t think so,” he said, “I can fulfill his uniqueness and his loyalty to me. »

According to a statement from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Wilson suffered “non-life-threatening bites, scratches, bruises and abrasions” during his lion fight in farm.

Eva, on the other hand, was not very lucky. Wilson’s husband, Connor Kenny, told SFGATE that Eva suffered seizures before treatment and also suffered two skull fractures, a perforated sinus cavity and severe damage to her left ankle. eyes.

However, she is recovering and on Thursday Wilson told her Instagram followers that Eva is finally well enough to go home. The wrong part? “Her sister was upset that she couldn’t play,” she wrote.

Since the attack, Wilson has opened a GoFundMe account for his dog’s medical bills after he “saved my life.” So far, Wilson has raised more than € 32,000.

“My dog ​​is my hero and I owe him my life,” Wilson wrote on his dog’s GoFundMe page.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife says it is taking samples from the injuries of those involved in the fight and believes it is enough to “treat the investigation as a legitimate attack”.

However, they warn that people should always be careful when walking in mountain lion nests. On Monday, the department even tried to catch the cougar, which is said to be still roaming the area.

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