Here It All Begins – Episode 406: Charlene discovers the relationship between her mother and Zachari? Did Celia surprise Theo? Louis challenges Salomé to Axel and Jasmine?

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In the previous episode, we saw that Jasmine’s parents were telling the truth about the prom incident. This was Antoine and Souleymane’s big return within the institute. Finally, Zachari and Constance decide to kiss. Find out the summary of episode 406 of the series Here it all begins.

Did Charlène discover the relationship between her mother and Zachari?

This is where it all begins episode 406

The atmosphere of the Teyssier family’s awakening was very tense. Constance lied to her husband about the message from Zachari. The tone rose within the couple and Charlène decided to calm everyone down. Théo decides to discuss with his father and Charlène the situation between Teyssier and his wife. The young man reveals that Teyssier refuses to let his wife take his freedom from Zachari.

Teyssier explains that his wife doesn’t care about Zachari. Constance talks to Zachari in the institute park. Zachari thinks there is something between him and Constance. He indicates that he will spend the necessary time waiting for Constance. Zachari finds Mehdi and asks him to join his team for the pastry test that will take place inside the institute.

Chef Teyssier arrives to ask Mehdi to choose between Zachari’s team and the masterclass. Mehdi chose to join Zachari’s team. Teyssier presented the masterclass desserts to the students. Enzo seems very confident for this masterclass. Hortens takes a photo to send to Mehdi but he asks Hortens to stop immediately. Teyssier saw his wife chatting with Zachari.

He asked a student to leave the masterclass for no reason. Constance went to her husband’s office for documents. Teyssier asks for an explanation of the conversation between Zachari and his wife. Chef Teyssier shows his jealousy of his wife. Constance decides not to listen to her husband and refuses to distance herself from Zachari.

Charlène decides to meet with her mother to discuss the situation. Constance tells her daughter that there is nothing between her and Zachari. Charlène discovers messages from Zachari on her mother’s phone, which are beyond doubt. She decided to tell Louis everything. Louis advises Charlene to tell her father the truth.

Did Celia surprise Theo?

This is where it all begins episode 406

Célia and Théo have a hard time waking up early in the morning. The young woman criticizes Theo for being too ordinary to be a couple in the end. He feels like he’s 40. Theo no longer knows what else he can do to make his life better as a couple. Célia talks to Théo at the restaurant and asks the young man to find something for the couple.

Célia reveals that she has finally seen the idea and that the young man will travel. The young woman told Ambre about her situation with Theo and especially the usual. Célia seems to have found a solution for her couple. Theo discovers Celia’s surprise. He sleeps on a bed in the mud with a romantic meal.

Louis challenges Salomé to Axel and Jasmine?

This is where it all begins episode 406

Jasmine mentions Antoine to her parents ’judgment that is approaching. Axel asks Antoine if he can go back to school like before. Antoine points out that he needs to see it with Chef Teyssier. Axel will continue today, during Louis ’class. Louis accepts that Axel has no problem attending his class and decides to pair him with Jasmine.

Salomé seems bad that Axel ended up with Jasmine and not her. During the preparation, Salomé seemed a bit disturbed by Jasmine and Axel getting along and laughing. Louis asks Salomé to come and help Axel’s companion. Salomé helped the couple and Louis was happy with the situation. At the end of the day, Salomé meets with Axel to get the job done.

Louis decides to challenge Salome to her exes. Axel decides to lighten Salomé’s defense.

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