GTA VI: Could the huge success of GTA V be a handicap? The Take-Two CEO Responds

Game News GTA VI: Could the huge success of GTA V be a handicap? The Take-Two CEO Responds

It was one of the hits of the decade in Minecraft. From a peak of 165 million copies sold in less than nine years, GTA V puts the bar even higher. So high that 43 million Red Dead Redemption 2, a stratospheric number, seems small. But could this overall success be a handicap for a temporary one called GTA VI?

As we know, in terms of sales and anticipation, it’s always harder to make a succession than a first game, and even more so when the first title is a success.

The success of GTA V, an even more complicated challenge to do

Grand Theft Auto V isn’t a first game, but it is crushing away the other opus on a license that was famous even before it was released, creating a pattern. It has been officially known for a few months already the next GTA is in progress, even if we don’t have any platforms, titles or release windows. Some rumors point to a game already take place in Vice Citybut nothing is certain at present.

However, Grand Theft Auto VI has the heavy task of succeeding GTA V, and as many say it is not easy. How to get a title that has sold over 165 million copies, and how succeed in avoiding negative comparisons however, let’s say, 50 million units sold? In addition, the public, now large, has many expectationsand it is difficult to please everyone.

The Take-Two strategy? Case by case and accurate predictions

This question of “After GTA V” asked Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive, with our colleagues from the Games Industry. More precisely, the question relates to the fact of loss equation sales banabana after the success of GTA V. To this question, Strauss Zelnick answered:

Yes, yes, as you would expect. I don’t know if we’re trying to meet expectations. If we make our predictions, our job is to cut the chase and tell the market what we think will happen. That’s also what we’re going to do here. But we don’t usually take a chance just by telling you the results of the latest additional release of X.

We looked at the title itself and (try to see) what we were thinking of doing, the Metacritic marks we were expecting to get. We performed Metacritic score simulations before release. We are usually very good at our predictions. Often, we exceed our forecast, and that’s a reflection of the effort to get there, not a reflection of the forecast decline.

GTA VI: Could the huge success of GTA V be a handicap?  The Take-Two CEO RespondsGTA VI: Could the huge success of GTA V be a handicap?  The Take-Two CEO Responds

In other words, in Take-Two, we remove the titles of previous opuses, trying to be as specific as possible about the acceptance of a new game, as well as market behavior from his point of view. Apparently, the publisher, like many others, based on Metacritic rating to assure or satisfy shareholders.

GTA VI: Could the huge success of GTA V be a handicap?  The Take-Two CEO Responds

A methodology long debatedbecause if Metacritic allows the public to get an overview of receiving a match around the world by compiling and evaluating tests performed in many countries, is still usually in conjunction with bonuses received by developers. Destiny’s rating (76) would have missed $ 2.5 million in bonuses, and Fallout New Vegas would have missed its target at some point in that period (74, when 75 unlocked bonuses).

However, there are many other studios rejected this principlebased in exchange for the sale, or distribution of bonuses whatever, such as CD Projekt for Cyberpunk 2077. Polish studio bosses first devised a system based on ratings and the release date, before changing their minds given the conditions.

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