Derby Italiano (Gr2): Tempesti for the love of Giubba

International / 21.05.2022

Italian Derby (Gr2)

Tempesti for the love of Giubba

Forty-two years have passed since the last success of Giubba in the Italian Derby (Gr2). This famous coat, which belonged to Federico Tesio before going through the association with marquis Mario Incisa della Rocchetta, continues to hit horse racing headlines such as Razza Dormello Olgiata breeding through his successors. Sunday, in Capannelle, it was finally time to cut more than four decades of food shortages. And this, thanks to Tempesti (Albert Dock), a donkey that returns to a historic line that has been in breeding since 1911 and committed to Donna Lydia Tesio, wife of Mago di Dormello, the 1944 Derby thanks to Torbido (Ortello). It is easier to analyze the transalpine race and the chances of his favorite, Tempesti. The donkey is trained by Bolgheri, in the center made by marquis Mario Incisa della Rocchetta and Riccardo Santini opened his record to ten lengths after getting two runners-up in November. He ended his 2 year campaign with a second success and, this year, he has never lost in two outings! Finally, he was able to fI in a tactical race by covering eight lengths freezing sun (The Gurkha) by Premio Botticelli (L). The Racing Post computer gave it a rating of 119 for this show. Clearly a ptoo many. Despite 15 by rope it is a logical favorite. Franca Vittadini, racing manager of Razza Dormello Olgiata, said: “The ace in the stables is even worse … You have to face it and ride the donkey as he pleases. »

Ardakan, a precious German

The most dangerous opponent for Tempesti was undoubtedly German Ardakan (Reliable person). Last year, the Germanic donkey had his first success at the Premio Guido Berardelli (Gr3). He recently made a good comeback in the Prix de l’Avre (L), finishing second on promising HAMMER (Frankel), of Longchamp, posted a value of 47.5. Leave it to Clémandnt Lecoeuvre. In Italy, this year, the Germans won two tries heading into the Derby. Pirouz (Counterattack) wins Premio Emanuele Filiberto (L) at San Siro by defeat Tramaglino (Albert Dock), Vecellio (Helmet) and Reaching (Australia). The winner didn’t leave his box, but the kids who finished his get up were well on track.

Demurino for the sixth Derby

Another German victory was recorded at Premio Parioli (Gr3), the Italian Pool. The winner Look at Hector (Counterattack) and his dolphin Sun Fire (Areion) is defeated, but five of the losers will try their luck. The best without a doubt Chelsea Garden (Aclaim), who finished sixth as an ass who could improve by extension and who was helped by Gérald Mossé’s white glove, while Mr. Sakai (Holy Roman Emperor), unfortunate favorite in this same tournament, will be handed over to Ioritz Mendizabal. Cristian Demuro, who is aiming for the sixth Derby, will join Frozen Day, one of three Alduino Botti residents. We see at the beginning, another German, Open Sky (Counterattack) who acquired hers Maiden of heavy earth and who is not far from the value of his compatriot, Ardakan, according to Teutonic bookmakers.


Gr2 – 3 years – 2,200m – 640,200 €

# Runner Coach Jockey (rope)

1 Ardakan M. Klug C. Lecoeuvre (2)

2 Arrival A. Botti D. Vargiu (9)

3 Chelsea Gardens Grizzetti Galoppo SRL G. Mossé (12)

4 Di Lido A. Affe ‘D. Di Tocco (8)

5 Don Chicco A. Affe ‘C. Colombi (5)

6 Emperor ohf Love A. Botti S. Sulas (4)

7 Frozen Day A. Botti C. Demuro (3)

8 Gold Tango L. Lupinacci A. Mezzatesta (6)

9 Il Grande Black F. Santella C. Fiocchi (1)

10 Lohengrin F. Camici G. Marcelli (11)

11 Lord Sakay A. Marcialis I. Mendizabal (10)

12 Open Skies H. Grewe A. Sanna (7)

13 Tempesti R. Santini S. Mulas (15)

14 Tramaglino Grizzetti Galoppo SRL A. Fresu (14)

15 Vecello D. Dettori L. Maniezzi (13)

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