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Xbox and Bethesda are getting ready to hold their summer conference where new games will be presented! Even if E3 2022 doesn’t happen this year, the next few months could once again be an opportunity for the video game industry to present more games. Lots of events will take place during the summer and the Xbox showcase is clearly unforgettable.

The Xbox and Bethesda conference will take place on June 12, 2022!

The Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase conference will take place on June 12. As every year, we have news of Xbox Game Studios games, but also games from third-party publishers. New games for the Xbox Game Pass will also be announced from time to time.

According to the image that accompanies the conference announcement, it is easy to imagine that there will be a Starfield attending the event. The new game from Bethesda that will take place in space should be the star of the event.

The Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase will bring a wealth of information on games that will soon be released in the Xbox ecosystem, as well as those that will soon join the Game Pass catalog, on console and PC.

Keep in mind that for now, Activision Blizzard will not be joining Microsoft and Bethesda because the acquisition is not yet complete. This should be done by June 2023.

How to follow the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase?

The Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase will be live online on traditional platforms as well as Xboxygen. A live show will be broadcast live to follow all the announcements.

  • What? Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase
  • Kanus-a? Sunday June 12 at 7:00 pm (French time)
  • How long? The conference will last about 90 minutes
  • asa? On YouTube and Twitch as well as Xboxygen as usual

What exclusive games will be available at the Xbox & Bethesda conference?

As every year, Xbox teams have been preparing for the event for several months now, and we can once again expect an avalanche of games to be announced and presented. If Starfield is definitely entitled to a big presentation of the game, the Xbox has a lot of games already announced and that’s where we’re waiting for the news. Here are some from the list of games at Xbox Game Studios.

  • Perfect Dark
  • The Saga of Senua: Hellblade 2
  • Mara Project
  • assures
  • The Outer Worlds 2
  • fable
  • Forza Motorsport 8
  • State of Decay 3
  • Everwild
  • contraband
  • red fall
  • The Elder Scrolls VI
  • Indiana
  • Wolfenstein III

At 90 minutes, the Xbox doesn’t have time to make a presentation of all its announced games and only those that will be released in the medium term will provide the game. There’s Starfield, but we thought Redfall and Hellblade 2 as well. For others, it’s still hard to predict, but it’s not impossible that the next Forza Motorsport will also show itself because the first test sessions have already taken place with a choice of players.

Games with a high chance of being shown at the Xbox Conference

What surprises can be expected at the Xbox & Bethesda showcase?

As every year, rumors intensify as we approach the date of the event, which is set for Sunday, June 12, 2022. Some are sure to be confirmed, but surprises are likely to come later this year.

As always, Microsoft may dedicate part of its conference to announcing new independent games, including some nuggets that are always visually appealing. Among the various “World Premieres”, Microsoft will also make sure to offer a diverse catalog of games from third-party publishers to complete its offering. We’re thinking of A Plague Tale: Requiem in particular with a partnership with Xbox because the game will be available immediately when it’s released in 2022 on Xbox Game Pass.

The star of the conference is sure to be Microsoft’s flagship service. With the PlayStation consolidating into the niche, the Xbox Game Pass needs to redouble its efforts to continue convincing more users. The acquisition of the studios, including Activision Blizzard, also aims to release more and more great games on the service.

Nor is it possible that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II will be available at this year’s Xbox conference, or that a debauchery of Activision Blizzard games is planned. The acquisition still needs to be confirmed by the authorities and Sony still has a partnership with Activision on the franchise. You’ll have to turn to the PlayStation conference to follow the game’s usual long sequence to the next Call of Duty. Either way, Microsoft has enough big games to show in its studios as well as Bethesda.

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