Tirexo becomes PapaFlix, Download Zone remains closed

A few weeks after its abrupt closure, Tirexo, one of the largest French-speaking sites for illegal downloading and streaming, reverted to the name PapaFlix. Zone Telechargement, another referral service, remains closed… for now.

Lovers of movies, series, software and other “free” content can rejoice: three weeks after the surprise closure at the end of April, Tirexo is back under a new name. Renamed PapaFlix – no doubt a nod to Netflix… – this famous French -language illegal download and streaming site has a facelift, in beta mode, to a version still under construction, but fully available, and even with recent additions to the catalog. The platform’s administrators notified this to the Telegram team affiliated with Tirexo, warning of the presence of some bugs. We thought that when the news spread, the site would take on new colors. On the other hand, there is nothing new for Zone Telechargement, the other large online “catalog” of pirated content, which serves as a reference in the field, which suddenly closed two days after Tirexo, for the same reasons. But because of the enthusiasm of users for this type of service, we think the platform will also emerge soon, perhaps under a new name. And the vacuum created by the sudden disappearance of these two popular platforms has brought users to the same sites and more or less successful clones. And with inflation hitting all sectors of the economy today, it’s safe to assume that some will unsubscribe from paid services like Netflix and resort to illegal solutions …

Tirexo and Zone Telechargement: a sudden loss

We know more about the surprise closure of Tirexo and Zone-Téléchargement. At the end of April 2022, these two popular French-speaking illegal download and streaming sites were abruptly shut down, two days apart, and without warning, to the annoyance of lovers of “free” content. Instead of the traditional catalog on the Zone Telechargement home page (Zone-Téléchargement or ZT for short), one can read a message from the administrators announcing the news. Without giving a proper explanation of the reason for this sudden decision and without the slightest hope that the regulars will return. “Here are a few lines that we announce the closure of the ZT site. Yes, this is the end, no joke, everything is not eternal. […] The database will be completely destroyed and the CMS will not be distributed, there will be no retrieval or follow-up “can we read this shocking announcement on Monday, April 25. Two days ago, on Saturday, April 23, Tirexo officials issued a similar message: “That’s where the Tirexo adventure ends. Thank you all. Don’t take away anything we’ve done for us and you so far. Bye.” Unlike Zone Telechargement, the Tirexo catalog is still accessible, but no download or streaming links are available in the files.

Closing the Download Zone and Tirexo: an ACE action

A week after the announcement, we found out more about the reason for this sudden closure. In fact, it was the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE or Alliance for creativity and entertainment) that was the source of this decision. Created in 2019, this organization brings together more than 30 major global entertainment, film and copyright content creation companies (including Disney, Netflix, Warner Bros., Universal, Sky, BBC, Amazon and Hulu) to protect their interests, especially by fighting all forms of illegal downloading. He would have contacted the administrators of the two sites-which still have a total of more than 30 million visits per month…-urging them to stop their activities immediately. It must be believed that ACE’s arguments should be even more convincing because the owners of these sites located in Tunisia (Zome-Téléchargement) and Morocco (Tirexo) immediately lowered the curtain, no doubt out of fear. in legal proceedings and (very) heavy fines. The fire

As you can imagine, these sudden and almost simultaneous decisions have the effect of real bombs in the small world of fans of “free” download and illegal streaming, both “services” being offered. on these popular platforms, which do not host the smallest file. , provides all links to retrieve content of all kinds (movies, series, TV shows, music, software, games, magazines, books, etc.). In a very simple way and without any real risk, unlike well-guarded streams, thanks especially to the “direct download” technique. And even if no “official” explanation is given, it is easy to imagine a result of these legal processes being launched against the administrators of these sites, Arcom (the new authority that has succeeded of CSA and Hadopi) leading since the beginning of the year. a fierce and clearly very effective hunt against all platforms engaged in piracy of the protected content (see our article).

Tirexo and Zone Telechargement: clones are still active

Is this the end of “pirate” sites? Not sure. Because of the middle ground between illegal download and streaming, specialty sites have a habit of constantly changing their URL (the Internet address) to get under the radar. And the most famous are often imitated, not to say cloned, by “pirates of pirates” who want to attract visitors by snatching fame. Not to mention that “good addresses” are very easy to share on blogs and social networks (see our article). In addition, if Tirexo and Zone Telechargement “fall apart,” other platforms are still active, such as Extreme Download, Wawacity, Annuaire-Telechargement, LibertyVF, Cpasmal or Zone Annuaire to name just the most popular. not to mention the many clones of these two reference sites, which continue their activities, taking advantage of the confusion of former users. However, if Arcom and the beneficiaries continue their pressure, it is not certain that everyone will survive. The search for piracy continues: it should be more and more difficult to recover copyrighted content free of charge…

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