this Pokémon fan game is driving Twitter crazy (15 tweets)

There are games that are very successful thanks to many streamers, and Pokeclicker is one of them. The game based on capturing creatures by clicking quickly became very addictive in the French-speaking community, which was buzzing with praise for a few days.

Pokeclicker : click them all!

Some games sat in the shadows for years before becoming popular, such as Between Usothers enjoy success just as powerfully in the moment, as Fall Guys. Pokeclicker is now the game that combines these two aspects. Actually, the game was born in 2008, but has started talking about him in the French -speaking area since in early May 2022, when French -speaking streamers like Shisheyu, Ponce, Jeel or youtuber Fildrong start playing it seriously. The game is intended to be an “idle clicker”, ie the goal is above all to click to progress the game -here you lose and get all the Pokémon -, even if it is possible to leave it running in the background to be cared for by him. in his chain of activities. While often games in this genre are repetitive, it has many properties that help the player stay hung up in front of his game window.

In effect, the Open Source fan-game has many advantages. Already, it has a very strong growth curve, ie the player quickly progresses from one zone to another, thus being able to visit almost all regions of Pokémon games, from Kanto to of Alola (and Galar is on the course of execution) by walking each of the game paths. With 2 hours investment, it is possible to complete the Kanto region. Except for arrest the player will be able – as in the classic game – to defeat arena champions, then the Pokémon league but also to explore dungeons, find fossils in the basements and take care of its berries as well as do intensive egg farming and collect chromatic Pokémon, all packaged in a libertarian system and 100% free, because the game does not have any micro-transactions or any elements asking you to get the blue card to progress faster, like an XP boost Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla for example. The game also happens to be easily customizable and relaxing. All of this mixed up means that many French -speaking players and streamers are enjoying the game on flooded Twitter with positive (or hateful) posts about it, which is considered usually very good, but also very addictive. See for yourself these 15 reactions.


I beat the Pokéclicker league, a big jerk game.

May 13, 2022


Pokeclicker FINALLY, really kept my hands and brain busy JUST WHAT I NEEDED to focus on videos or any companion.

I like

May 20, 2022


I am completely addicted to pokeclicker oskour

May 17, 2022


Don’t start playing pokeclicker …

May 18, 2022


Am I the only one matrixed by Pokéclicker?

I want a shiny Magikarp in 2000 atk

May 17, 2022


It doesn’t have time to play anymore, but it takes 50 hours to Pokeclicker \ ud83d \ ude24

May 19, 2022


Don’t touch “pokeclicker”

I discovered the game over 24 hours ago, I was running the game in the background …
I have 5 hours to play

(I close to sleep)

Seriously addictive

May 15, 2022


Waaah Pokéclicker is more satisfying in twenty minutes than any Sparkling Diamond and Sparkling Pearl in real life

May 20, 2022


Pokeclicker is amazing mdrrr

May 21, 2022


I’ve been crying since last night, I started #Pokeclicker. But this is the bomb! I’ve been running the game since this morning, I’m going home to eat and I see I have a shiny girl Nidoran !!! \ ud83d \ ude02 \ ud83d \ ude02

May 20, 2022


5:41 am, clicks, addiction. 15 hours later we still blew the APMs to get eggs. I blame you @Jeel_TV #pokeclicker

May 21, 2022


my cousin caught entei raikou and suicune on a pokeclicker night, just: worked superb I wish that of all your families I was shaking something crazy we can’t believe.

May 21, 2022


Just a few clicks before the end of the week … \ ud83d \ ude4c

… by clicking on Pokéclicker! \ ud83d \ ude05

May 20, 2022


I’ve been looking for a pokeclicker for three hours

May 20, 2022


All years of Minecraft jitterclicking apply for Pokéclicker

The game can be very addictive

May 16, 2022

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