Lézignan-Corbières: a Retirada project, twice awarded by high school

An education project at Ernest-Ferroul high school received the Machado Foundation award and the Citizen Education award, which was awarded the National Order of Merit.

Students in the general and geopolitical final classes participated in a multidisciplinary project, conducted in Spanish, philosophy, history and moral and civic education (EMC) classes as part of Antonio Machado’s high school prize. Foundation. Retirada (1) is the common thread, which speaks to many ideas, defines young high school student Juliette Baroudi, students ’spokesperson:“This project has enriched us, by studying the life and work of Antonio Machado, the civil war and the Franco dictatorship in Spain; the themes of war, violence and philosophical values; the civil war, preceded by the second world war in history and finally the concept of EMC commitment. This shows us the importance of memory and transmission. The ideas we have mixed, more than ever, in our life journey and in recent months, we feel the same: La Retirada, el exile, is Ukraine in the past“.

The young 1st prize from Machado Foundation high school and Mrs. Garcia, project manager.
Gaëlle Guéant – The Independent

Machado and Citizen Education Prize

In view of this evidence, educational goals seem to be achieved around civic engagement and the struggle for humanist and republican values. The high school students were also fully committed to the project, receiving the award for Citizen Education, with the National Order of Merit to be awarded to it next September. The Antonio Machado Foundation (2) gave an award to poems written by three high school students as part of its writing competition: “These poems have the privilege of being published in the new edition of the Foundation, Ms.ME Garcia, Spanish teacher, is responsible for the Foundation’s Binational Prize. Our young people reflect on the form of exile, of the foreigner considered “unwanted”, of the poet entrusted with the protection of the Republic.“. The teacher thanked the investment of the high school students and his colleagues, as well as students of the cinema-audiovisual option and the high school web radio, who followed the visits to the memorial sites (Rivesaltes camp , museum of the Exil de la Jonquera, the maternity d’Elne), conducted interviews and a recording of seventeen poems competing in the Machado competition.Broadcast on web radio, several high school students voted for their favorites, awarded the Ferroul Prize, internal to the high school.

Parents, stakeholders, partners and elected officials participated in the award ceremony.

Parents, stakeholders, partners and elected officials participated in the award ceremony.
Gaëlle Guéant – The Independent

The result of all this work is displayed to the school during the vernissage and award ceremony (3). Parents and some stakeholders, such as painter Hélène Lachèze who worked in exile in Spain and who lent some of her paintings – recently shown in the city’s media library – are present. Elected department officials, Sébastien Gasparini (delegate for education) and Valérie Dumontet (delegate for democracy, youth and international relations) praised the young actors and the promoters of this project (4 ), which also enabled some students to tell a personal story and to exchange with their grandparents and relatives, such as Mathilde whose grandfather passed through the Rivesaltes camp at 8 years old. A testimony of the past, also experienced by other students during a meeting with Serge Barba, was born in 1941 at Elne maternity hospital. There are so many touching moments, which mark the year, and are definitely inspiring with their very touching poems.

(1) Deportation of refugees from the Spanish Civil War from February 1939.

(2) Antonio Machado (1875-1939) was a great poet of his time, a symbol of Republican exile. He died, exhausted by Collioure’s exhaustion, a few days after crossing the border.

(3) Foundation Prize: Florent de Figueiredo (1er prize), Fanny Grandjean (2and price), Clément Dejean-Gourrier. Ferroul Prize: Hanissa Seghuir (1D), Quentin Florent (2and), Mathilde Llop.

(4) With the Machado Foundation, the association of sons and daughters of Spanish Republicans and children of the exile, the association of descendants and friends of the Elne maternity hospital, the educational service of the Rivesaltes memorial and the museum in exile.

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