In National Education, Pap Ndiaye was criticized by critics

“He has not yet taken any action” and he has already been the subject of intense political and personal attacks, the Minister Delegate for European Affairs, Clément Beaune, guest of the Grand Rendez-vous Europe, reacted on Sunday. 1 – CNews – Echos “, defending the appointment of Pap Ndiaye as Minister of National Education and Youth.

Following the huge surprise of her appointment to the Elisabeth Borne government, a surge of reactions was fed on social networks this week. The far right points to its criticism of the new Minister of Education, whom Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour have accused of wanting to “deconstruct” the country and described by RN executives as an “immigration militant”.

The awakened ideology, a “scarecrow”

This acclaimed 56-year-old researcher, born to a Senegalese father and a French mother, was appointed last year by Emmanuel Macron to manage the National Museum of the History of Immigration. A student at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Saint-Cloud, a history graduate and holding a doctorate from the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Pap Ndiaye is the older sister of writer Marie NDiaye , Goncourt award 2009.

Professor of Sciences Po and at EHESS, he is considered the “size” of issues related to minorities. “He was a man of innovation, able to show a new way of understanding the past, greeted the historian Pascal Blanchard, specialist in colonization. His work on the black presence in France was seminal. »

“In everything related to minorities, he incorporates orientations that are definitely not what Jean-Michel Blanquer has implemented”, according to sociologist Michel Wieviorka. Awakened ideology is a “scarecrow more than a social or ideological reality”, as Pap Ndiaye told “Le Monde” in January 2022. Far from criticizing “Islamo-leftism” in his predecessor.

What about reading a line change from the executive on these topics? “The line of the president and the government has not changed”, relativizes Clément Beaune, conceding only “shades of sensitivity, of expression” between the new minister and his successor.

Emmanuel Macron’s program “will be implemented”

Clément Beaune insisted that Emmanuel Macron’s program “apply” to the new minister, talking about strengthening the teaching of French and mathematics. But by supporting Pap Ndiaye on these terms, he risks weakening him in the eyes of the unions, who are calling for a “break” in his successor.

The main high school teacher union, Snes-FSU is actually welcoming, by this appointment, a “break with Jean-Michel Blanquer in more ways than one”. But “National Education is not ruled solely by symbols,” the union warns. SNUipp-FSU and SE-What have expressed their desire to quickly “have a dialogue with him”.

Sensitive and drastic reforms

Among the new minister’s major projects is the revaluation of the teaching profession, while the recruitment crisis has generated fears about a shortage of teachers at the start of the next school year. How many teachers will accept the “pact” promised by the Head of State? “If we want to transfer the institution, we have to exceed 30%”, a close friend of Emmanuel Macron confessed before he was re-elected. The task of the future minister is not simple: if, in order to make more profit, teachers must, for example, replace more of their left colleagues, this could result in an annual number of hours, a red flag for the union – the working hours of secondary teachers defined per week.

Vocational path reform, another major project by Emmanuel Macron, also promises to be a sensitive topic, with the potential for very heavy upheavals for teachers of vocational subjects. This weekend, the name of Jean-Marc Huart, connoisseur of the professional road, was mentioned to be the new minister’s chief of staff. He has also been criticized, albeit unnamed, for his closeness to Jean-Michel Blanquer, where he was number two between 2017 and 2019. Pap Ndiaye will need a lot of energy and patience on “cool hot topics”.

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