Here is your horoscope for Monday, May 23, 2022: love, money, work, health …

What day can you expect emotionally, financially or physically? Check it out below with our complete horoscope, signed by sign.

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Love: “In life, don’t worry about it, I don’t worry about it, these little troubles are only temporary, they can all be solved …” sang Maurice Chevalier. For you too, it will be a good day and you will enjoy life. Your feeling and your optimism can communicate.

Work-Money: Things go where you want. You can achieve your goals, if you put all your energy into it. That shouldn’t be a problem. You can only trust yourself, everyone in your professional circle has something to take care of! Right now you’re not pulling the devil by the tail, but that’s no reason to waste your money. Instead, save money for a project close to your heart.

Health: You already have morale and you don’t have to face any particular health problem. If you have chronic illnesses, they should leave you for a while. In short, you are in good shape.

Mood: The atmosphere is clear.

Tip: Check the time of day before choosing your clothes. You can avoid disappointment.


Love: Love opens up unexpected horizons to you and you feel like you can move mountains. You left the beaten path, with no fear or apprehension.

Work-Money: This is a great time to do what you’ve long dreamed of. Don’t miss the chance to get things done. Use your courage with both your hands, you can benefit from strong supports.

Health: You need to decompress.

Mood: Luck makes you smile.

Tip: Leave your car or scooter in the garage if possible.


Love: Your dreams can come true if you give yourself in the way. Let your spontaneity speak, it will work in your favor. Don’t be afraid to discriminate.

Work Money: Thanks to your practical spirit, you will find the solutions needed for the smooth running of your work. You will fulfill the expectations of those above you.

Health: Good resistance. You feel good.

Mood: No vision problems!

Tip: Prepare yourself a good dish or treat yourself to a small restaurant if you don’t like to cook.


Love: Reject your doubts, claim to lose your beauty, be yourself. You don’t need tricks or hiding behind words you don’t like.

Work-Money: Your creativity can free you from a distraction, don’t stop at visible obstacles. You want to change your daily life and review some basics.

Health: Your liver will eventually rebel!

Mood: Tough but inspiring day.

Tip: Sure there are better things you can do than spend your time in front of the TV on your way home!


Love: As a family, you are willing to share many things. Your relationship with your loved one can be bright. You can’t do without each other! Single, to find love, broaden your perspective, try your luck on dating sites! But choose them well.

Work-Money: You don’t stay in place. You have to start a new project, a new activity. You can think about asking for some kind of bonus, getting a new job, or playing a gamble. Enjoy it, luck will be with you.

Health: Care must be taken to minimize the causes of stress. You will feel tired.

Mood: The day is very dynamic.

Tip: Just because you’re full of projects doesn’t mean everyone will follow you!


Love: As a family, the day is not easy, but you look forward to it. It’s time to fix things. You may not have time to call a “family council” but communication should be restored as soon as possible, everyone should be able to express their views.

Work Money: You will be challenged to evaluate your skills and response. You’ll feel like you’re in the hot seat, but trust yourself and you’ll get better. Some projects have to wait for a better time to see the light of day, your financial situation is not strong enough for the current season.

Health: Your resistance to fatigue may be better but you will live less in the nerves. You have to find a way to get rid of the steam to prevent your energy from becoming aggressive.

Mood: The day can be busy.

Tip: You plan to do a lot to make up for some shortcomings. Slow down!


Love: Listen to what your loved ones have to say and try to adapt to their preferences. For once you ask something, don’t disappoint those who love you.

Work Money: Some small changes can make you discouraged. Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by pointless mood swings that could put you in a dangerous situation.

Health: Be careful on the road.

Mood: Very ordinary day.

Advice: Be careful, do not allow yourself to be distracted by radio, music, you can make mistakes.


Love: As a couple, your spouse will show his or her love for you every day. If these little attentions fill you up in the beginning, you can easily feel exhausted because of these overly good feelings.

Work-Money: You may be asked for new projects. If you can’t do it, don’t accept heavy responsibilities. You know your limitations.

Health: It is possible to have stomach ache.

Mood: Disturbing day in some ways.

Tip: Wear colors that make you happy or inspire you! Avoid gray.


Love: Your partner may show a side of his or her personality that you don’t already know. However, I’m not sure you’d prefer it. If you are hoping to find true love, this day can be frustrating even if it is pleasant.

Work-Money: Today, you can only act according to a partner or colleagues and waiting for his or her goodwill is never what you want. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming though, a simple call to order should be enough to restore some efficiency.

Health: Your tone can be jagged. Don’t abuse coffee in hopes of regaining energy. Instead, snack in the middle of the morning or afternoon. Above all, you need a good night’s sleep.

Mood: There are days when nothing happens!

Tip: You need to change your content a bit. Buy a green or flowering plant that will give color to your life.


Love: Single, you find easy and immediate happiness. You’ll be hesitant to invest in a relationship and even more so you won’t be committed. If you are in a relationship, your strict nature will never match life as a couple.

Work-Money: Watch out! You can make enemies by being very sincere. Candor is a good quality, but in a professional setting, don’t feel obligated to say everything you think. A hypocrisy may be to not alienate your peers.

Health: You need to take a course of vitamins or trace elements to maintain shape. For some time you have a tendency to push your limits and not listen enough to your body. Now is a good time to manage.

Mood: Vigilance is key.

Tip: Be persistent. For example: don’t start smoking again on the pretext that you gained a few pounds!


Love: You’ll know how to convince your partner of the merits of your projects, even the more eccentric. Believing that your better half really wants to do her little to please you.

Work-Money: Your efficiency will allow you to excel yourself. Go to the bottom of things. You can understand things and you can make confusing progress now.

Health: Too impulsive.

Mood: You have air in your sails.

Tip: You need fresh air and exercise. You dream of a week in the countryside! Dreaming costs nothing.


Love: Your life as a couple can be deceptive. You will be on the same wavelength as your partner and you will share in idyllic moments. Single, don’t be shy! Don’t hesitate to express how you feel.

Work-Money: The astral climate is in your favor, professional life can be worry-free. Communication will be facilitated and information will flow smoothly. Now is a good time to sign contracts. If you’re starting to plan your next vacation, start by creating a budget that you can’t break.

Health: Lower your stress level. You can rest and sleep well, which hasn’t happened to you in some time.

Mood: Everything is very good now.

Tip: It’s time to get rid of everything that breaks your closets, your closets!

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