“The Most Beautiful NFT in the Metaverse”: the revolutionary project in Binance and Dubai

Time travel Binance, the leading cryptocurrency platform, continues to weave its network around the world. The hyperactive, the giant that has just faced Europe, has taken the stage PSAN with French regulation and showed his great interest the German market. The ability of the exchange leader to conquer the world was also noticed in the United Arab Emirates, in Dubai. Not content to follow the wind, Binance is now facing its implementation NFT branch on the ground in Dubai.

Binance NFT and Dubai: teamed up for the Museum of the Future

The news fell on May 18. the Dubai Museum of the Future entered into a collaboration with Binance NFTs, Binance’s non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace. The museum project? Develop and create a variety of digital blockchain products whose first collection will be called “The Best NFTs in the Metaverse” (The Best Metaverse NFTs). This collection is available on the Binance NFT Marketplace.

Both parties seem to be enjoying this partnership. On the one hand, the leader of Binance NFT, Helen Hai |expressed his satisfaction with the state press:

“We are honored to partner with the Museum of the Future in Dubai, a truly unique and innovative concept. We look forward to working with the Museum to create cutting-edge digital products that will drive the growth of the industry. to promote blockchain adoption in the region. »

On the other hand, the Minister of State in charge of Artificial Intelligence, the Digital Economy and Teleworking Applications, Omar bin Sultan Al Olamasays:

“The Museum of the Future’s partnership with the world’s largest player in the cryptocurrency ecosystem (…) has made a significant contribution to Dubai’s plans. It aims to build a new international digital platform. It is asset ecosystem (…) can generate sustainable economic growth within the digital economy. »

Changpeng “CZ” ZhaoCEO of Binance, also participated in the celebrations:

“The Dubai Museum of the Future and Binance NFT have launched their first collection of NFTs.»

Post by CZ – Source: Twitter

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NFTs, a technology of the future?

Thus, Binance NFT will provide the museum with the infrastructure to allow it to grow its collection of non-fungible tokens. The Futurist Museum, which opened a few years ago, therefore intends to thrive after Dubai. Beyond modernity and innovation, the NFT then there is a place to choose.

New major protagonists of Web3 in Dubai, the metaverse and NFTs is it hybrid reality, real and virtual. They are through the prism of a undeniable opportunity development for Dubai. The Executive Director of the Museum of the Future, Lath Carlsondevelops this point of view:

“This exciting project is the first of many that will see us working with the world’s brightest minds and delivering developments (…) that will shape the future. »

The collection should see the light of day in the coming weeks. Involved in the beauty of the city and its history, these NFTs wrote Dubai on the blockchain. For Binance, it’s about continuing to participate in this growing economy. Knowing what it has to offer for the Museum of the Future, the cryptography giant aspires to be a lead actor within Dubai, a crypto oasis in the desert dry and dry markets today.

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