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the franchise evil Dead cult of horror movie loverswhich in 1981 was the first low budget film directed by Sam Raimi, who did it again in a remake/reboot six years later, in a more ridiculous and bloody tone. Two cult films treated to a very nice sequel, Evil Dead: Army of Darknessthere reboot in 2013 (without Sam Raimi) and even in a TV series on Starz in 2015, Ash vs. evil Dead. To say the leastthere are a lot of fans waiting for Evil Dead: The Gameand Team Boss Games and Saber Interactive fail to pay license tribute by offering well drama

Survivor gameplay struggles to be fun.

Evil Dead: The Game for a multiplayer game drama asymmetric, in accordance with Dead in the Sun. hope Friday the 13thth: The game. Four players make up survivorsas opposed to the fifth player controlling Kandar demon and of his alipores. As explained in a long and comprehensive instruction, one must first look in the pages of Necromoniconseize the sword and lost pages, evict the creatures and finally protect the Book of the Deadwhile the demon must be killed survivors or destroy the Necronomicon at the end of the game. Two conflicting purposes, for one drama very different each time.

The games take place on a map, which at least has great merit, with franchise -inspired areas (other than reboot, not included in the game). A wide open area that needs to be explored as a team, on foot and even by car, to complete objectives such as SAVED and above all in excavation theft, the characters who started the game without their pockets. and it’s a bit of a race to find the best wandering and ranged weapon to start the game, resources are not plentiful and ammunition management is also required, soda cans that provide PV, matches to create light zones and amulets that offer a small shield. Unique breasts are also available, allowing to have theft more or less unique and especially the bowls to improve his character statistics during the game, which is quickly necessary to survive against the minions of Kandar demon. If you’re lucky enough to find players listening during the tutorial, the game is good, but if the group disperses, it is sure to be deathespecially when a measure of fear is present, rising to full speed when a character is alone or moving traps, blessed bread for Kandar demon who else to choose survivors individually.

Usually, the drama on SAVED struggles to be fun, blamed on a certain rigidity of controls, bugs that cause things to jump on the chests (preventing them from getting or seeing their stats), and a terrible camera in the interiors. There remain fun fights, especially hand-to-hand combat, with bloody murders of the franchise’s pure spirit, even when the whole thing is always chaotic, making the action unreadable. Team play is important, with character classes aimed at resistance action, expanding fire or support, not to mention the presence of a special ability associated with the character class. Even if it’s important to play with friends on survivors on Evil Dead: The Gamewell the small differences between the classes failed to change drama, the characters seek the same weapon and have the same attack. Another point that doesn’t help to make the action readable and the features different is to recycle the characters. Yes, the franchise featured the same heroes and heroines for many years, but ended up in four ash different from a house, with his emblematic blue shirt and brown pants almost altered, luckily knowing who and who was doing what.

On the side of Kandar demon, a different story. The player comprising the creature escapes from Necronomicon chose at the beginning of the game a class between Necromancerthe Puppeteer and the Chief of the warevery time there are different qualities and beasts, even if in absolute terms, not many changes, other than summoning the boss, are evident from the movies.

A beautiful license award, the references are numerous and important.

Evil Dead The Game 08 02 22 (4)Here the player must collect energy orbs from the map to increase their power, level up and unlock abilities such as owning a minion, car or SAVED scared, open portals to summon creatures, set traps or form a boss. In addition to properties, the action takes place here in the first person, with a fast camera at ground level, a hint of Sam Raimi. It’s fun at first, the flashing is fun, but the camera can easily become capricious, with quick moves that you have to hesitate to position yourself right in front of a trap to activate it. . And inside the house (because yes, the Kandar demon do not stop landing), worse, it is difficult to move houses without tension, it is better to open an entrance gate and let the alipores do their thing. Here again, despite three different character classes, the drama generally remains the sameand if it’s fun to chase survivorsattack them by opening portals under their noses, trapping chests with HAND or others Ash minis or even intimidate other players by running into them (triggering a cry on their screens), after a few games, the feeling of having already played the game is already there …

However, Evil Dead: The Game trying things of different pleasures, especially a tree of skill specific to each character, survivors hope demons. At the end of each game, the experience is unlocked, raising the character level and therefore offering the possibility to develop passive skills to become more resistant or powerful, and some active powers are gained even after a pack. at the level obtained. Unfortunately, this is still no different drama, lacks the depth of character abilities to make them more unique as the level goes by. We also saw solo missions, inspired by scenes from movies and series, too short, too flat and with high difficulty, which was annoying, especially without checkpoints. A beautiful license award, references are numerous and appreciated, but pure filler with no real interest. And let’s also not forget the various technical issues … We’ve already talked about things that have jumped in place, but we also need to count on development games that have been canceled due to problems with server, the impossibility of reassigning certain keyboard keys (forcing us to play with the controller) or the need to be connected either to play solo missions or against AI: not very practical when the game is playing -as you have no Internet connection, forcing you to leave it and then restart until the problem disappears. no explanation. It’s good to have it game of the cross integrated to find games online easily.

Finally, let’s talk a little bit about graphics and sound. Evil Dead: The Game is great, for a multiplayer game. We’re far from graphic slap, the modeling of the characters is correct, with care given to the very recognizable faces alike. Also note the usually beautiful textures, with beautiful light and shadow effects, which greatly contribute to the awesome atmosphere of the game, which can be really stressful at times. On the audio side, we can see the music in the movies, which remains smart, but it is better to hear the voices of the characters, and there, developers have a good idea to call actors and actresses in movies and series, including Bruce Campbell contains different versions ofAsh Williamswhich means you can hear it all the time in the game, but at this point, no one is complaining.

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Evil Dead: The Game can disappoint us, just as it can disappoint us. Obviously Team Boss Games has ideas for his multiplayer game on drama asymmetrical, more inspired by Friday the 13thth: The game that of Dead in the Sun.. But here it is, even if the franchise references that Sam Raimi makes are numerous and well-mixed (with an emphasis on horror rather than humor), the drama chaotic and very easily repetitive, quickly gives the impression of wandering around and doing the same things over and over again in each game. The variety of character classes fail to change the pleasures, the action is as chaotic as it is fun, and it is absolutely necessary to play with friends as well. SAVED. remain the Kandar demonwhich leaves a slightly more positive feelingand Evil Dead: The Game usually the kind of game that can be played over a short night, once a month, between friends and girlfriends, before being set aside, and that is likely to end up on the shelves of “chez Prixbas, where the prices low.

You can find Evil Dead: The Game for € 39.99 at Fnac, Micromania, Cultura or Amazon.


  • Lots of franchise references
  • Serious killings
  • Demon Kandar games, are pretty fun

The lower

  • The game of Survivors, a real mess
  • Characters that look alike
  • It can be very repetitive
  • Solo mission, filler

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