Teachers ’unions are“ surprised ”and anticipating

The historian, the new Minister of National Education, broke down some points in his follow-up, but unions are waiting to know his roadmap and called for the opening of dialogue.

Surprisingly for the new government, historian Pap Ndiaye was appointed Minister of Education on Friday. The appointment of this specialist in U.S. social history and minorities is surprising, as his opinions seem to shatter his predecessor Jean-Michel Blanquer. The two men thus expressed their differences of opinion on the term Islam-leftism in early 2021.

After a five-year arm struggle with Jean-Michel Blanquer, the unions accepted the change of minister, but remained waiting for the time.

“We’re surprised”

This appointment is “a surprise, I think for everyone, because it’s not one of the names around”, announced this Saturday on BFMTV Guislaine David, co-secretary general and spokeswoman for the elementary union. Snuipp-FSU. “It is academic to enter politics very little, if not known to the educational community”, note for his part in a press release the union WHAT.

“Like everyone else, we’re surprised”, many told BFMTV.com Laurent Hoefman, national president of SNE (Union in the first degree), who stressed that the new minister “has never used this mission before”.

Dominique Bruneau, federal secretary of Sgen-CFDT, noticed him on BFMTV.com on the differences between the former and the new minister, lining up “breaks between the two men at some point”. Many unions have noted any case of having to re-engage the dialogue after the departure of Jean-Michel Blanquer. “The priority is the need to work on the rehabilitation of staff in their institution”, What wrote.

With Jean-Michel Blanquer, “there is no dialogue, he is a minister who does not support the challenge and does not support that we do not have the same opinion of him (…) Very clearly, yes, we have to change the approach”, he said. Guislaine David.

“He is there to implement Emmanuel Macron’s policy”

After the surprise, many questions remain, because if the minister changes, the majority will remain the same as now, and teachers ’unions are afraid to continue the policy followed by the Ministry of Education over the past five years. term. Pap Ndiaye, “is there to put Emmanuel Macron’s policy and Emmanuel Macron’s education program, a program that we oppose and contrary to what we think”, the Snuipp-FSU representative recalled.

“How will Jean-Michel Blanquer’s policy be continued, or not? What orientations are planned?” asked Laurent Hoefman, who feared for his part in changing the direction of programs, “it would ruin teachers”.

Everyone is waiting for the opportunity to meet the new minister, “to open a real social conversation, to discuss the projects that need to be launched, to get his roadmap”, Dominique Bruneau explained. Before that, “we can never say whether we are satisfied or not” with this appointment. In addition, “it is difficult to predict what margin of autonomy he will gain” during his term.

“We will judge by works”

“Obviously we will judge the actions and the initial relationships we will have with the minister”, Guislaine David said.

Dominique Bruneau on the other hand that the legislative election may have an influence on the projects of the new minister. Everyone remembers in any case the National Education requirements that have been repeatedly stated over the past five years, especially with regard to the increase in teachers ’salaries.

“It’s first and foremost something that needs to be acted upon immediately,” Guislaine David explained. It “is still a priority file when we see the recruitment situation, when we see the state of teachers’ salaries, and from this point of view we also expect very swift actions from our new minister. “, also launched by our antenna Sophie. Vénétitay, deputy secretary of SNES-FSU.

Salome Vincendon BFMTV journalist

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