“I’m crazy about my dogs”

If the comedian Jeremy Ferrari usually hard -toothed, unarmed when he talks about his love for his two dogs.

Dogs were always a part of young Jérémy Ferrari’s life when he was still with his parents in the Ardennes where he grew up. But his life in Paris, where he arrived when he was almost 17, separated him because he felt he could not give them a life worthy of an animal. ” Labrador, Lhasa Apso, Pekinese, Briard… I always have dogs. When I arrived in Paris, I missed them but I knew I couldn’t give them a good life “, He confessed. He needs to have a comfort in life so he can dare to rethink taking an animal as a companion. But not just anything. “ Six years ago, I was offered the Joker, a jack russell. It started working for me, I had a bigger apartment and I took it everywhere. He was even there, on stage, at my first Olympia! I bought a house near Paris, because I still wanted to have a big dog. I was looking for a kind, loving housekeeper. Here I recommend Beauceron and where Marly came from. »

A very sensitive, unpredictable and attractive

If Joker is quick to adapt to his master’s life as an artist and resident of the town, Marly presents some problems for Jérémy who is just too good to know what a good reaction is. “ Before we moved into the house, we stayed in the apartment for a few more months. I told myself it wasn’t bad and I could easily get her used to the noises, cars, people… But Marly was scared of everything. So when I took the leash to release him, he peed in the hallway. I ended up calling the breeder who explained to me that, at Beauceron, it’s unique but it has a hypersensitive pup. We are working together to fix it. It was healing, but he was still sensitive. »

Fortunately, Marly also relied on her friend Joker to gain trust. Even if the friendship between the two dogs is not immediate. ” At first, Joker was very jealous. But Marly gave him so much love that he could do nothing but be grateful for it. “For their master, their relationship has changed” the day I saw Joker teaching Marly to climb the stairs. He went downstairs, went up two flights, squirmed while looking at Marly, then went downstairs to start again, and so on. From then on, they could no longer be separated, even in folly… »

A mysterious disappearance

And the best of all the craziness of his dogs remains that the comedian is never laughed at. He even had fear for his life, thinking he would never see Marly again. “ They ran into the forest. Joker returned four to five hours later, but not Marly. We searched everywhere, days and days. Until we told ourselves he was really dead… Then he came back, in bad condition, his leg was broken… We had to operate on him twice so he could walk again. We never know what happened. Fortunately, since then, the duo has calmed down, for the greater peace of those who travel the streets to make their listeners laugh at their sketches criticizing, sometimes brutally, the worst failures in our societies. Religions, racism, feminism, misogyny, war, disability… no sensitive subject will resist those who dare to shake our assurances with their boundless dark humor.

“Anything can be a good topic”

Will he dare to mention the animal theme one day in his sketches? Condemn the abuses where they are victims in our societies of consumers who, for others, consider animals as objects or stooges? ” Anything can make a good topic, he agreed. Honestly, my next show is for. ecological theme, so I’ll talk about animals. One does not go without the other. It’s time that in 2021, we stop, for example, planting bull spikes. There is a knowledge, but it is very high. “The fact remains that, for those willing to admit” completely mad at (his) dogs, the difficulty with this show is to stay purposeful because it’s a topic that pisses me off a lot. It’s time for me to talk! “.

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