how he saved his dog from robbery

Cécile Bois: how she saved her dog from a brutal robbery (Must read photo VALERY HACHE/AFP via Getty Images)

This Friday, May 20, 2022, France 2 aired the first installment of season 10 of “Candice Renoir”. The opportunity to meet her interpreter, Cécile Bois, who, a few years ago, escaped the worst. And it was because of his dog that he escaped it.

Since 2013, Cécile Bois has lent her shares to Candice Renoir, a shock investigator who relentlessly tracks criminals. While season 9 of the France 2 series has been interrupted for full broadcast, the actress returns this Friday, May 20 for new episodes and a new season. In life, away from the screens, Cécile Bois is the mother of two daughters born from her union with actor Jean-Pierre Michaël. But there was one particular traumatic event that upset this balance.

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“Four Men with Guns”

In 2015, Cécile Bois recounted this incident in an interview with Télé Poche: “It follows a brutal robbery in my house. Four men with shotguns tried to enter my house. I was absolutely scared. ” Faced with this frightening situation in which many French people were the victims, Cécile Bois was just fine with the vital support, albeit unexpectedly: “My dog ​​started barking so loudly that he ended them running. .We can say that my dog ​​definitely saved me from a tragedy ”he recalls, still trying hard.

Because if she escaped this brutal intrusion unscathed, Cécile Bois would later face the consequences of this traumatic attack. Thus he suffered for a long time from some kind of post-traumatic stress, as he confessed: “The next day, when I was walking, I had to go home immediately because I was dizzy. In one good year, I can never leave my house. “

Cécile Bois was plagued by another childhood fear

It’s not just the trauma that Candice Renoir’s translator has experienced. In 2019, the actress agreed to participate in France Télévisions ’program,“ Rendez-vous en terre unknown ”. With his sidekick, actor Raphaël Lenglet, he enjoyed the joy of a heart-warming immersion in the Hautes-Alpes, in the mountains of Queyras. In the end, “to savor” is a big word because the actress was not able to take full advantage of this unique experience. In fact, the making of the show is less aware of one element in particular that Cécile Bois revealed in the columns of Télé-Loisirs: “I have carried a trauma since the age of 8. It has worried me before. start. But I said yes, I will never go back to my commitment. And I thought it was time to face it. “

Beyond her fears, the creed of Cécile Bois who has not forgotten any of this childhood memory: “On a short family walk, we were lost. I found myself with the cliff below me … No one can stop me from helping me, and I am only a child. I am hungry, thirsty, I am scared! Since then, for me who loves nature, the mountain has remained an enemy world. ” And even though she tried to overcome her worries, even after filming the film, the 50-year-old actress still couldn’t trust the mountains.

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