Adib Alkhalidey’s search for birth

Born to an Iraqi father and a Moroccan mother, Adib Alkhalidey has long felt stateless. A suffering identity is useless, but it is difficult to fill the multicultural neighborhoods north of the town where he grew up, on the side of the rise of anti-Arab racism after September 11. He finally had to comes to his thirties for the comedian to call himself a full and proud Quebecois. The result of a long journey that served as a prelude for his fourth performance with an inspiring title: Quebecers Tabarnak.

Quebecois Tabarnak, because yes, Adib Alkhalidey won the same title as a Tremblay from Saguenay or a Gélinas from Mauricie. These people were from the hinterland, whom he hardly knew during his youth in Saint-Laurent, but now he felt closely connected. Ten years of touring Quebec made him realize that in the end he had a lot to do with them.

“It would be easier to feel Quebecer if all of your cultural codes, from your birth, Quebecers, knew the comedian in an interview with To be necessary. In my case, I have to learn over the years. I have to understand things, push my curiosity. There is something more voluntary in the fact that you belong to a society if you are the child of immigrants. Quebec’s identity is something to be gained. »

Like what can be a cultural mix without effort – on both sides, that is. Does this mean that an immigrant who deigns to speak French and who doesn’t know Ginette Reno or Véronique Cloutier is less Quebecer? Adib Alkhalidey was hesitant when asked: however, he was only a comedian who sought the best challenge of the mind; he never had the ambition to raise major political debates, even in the slightest change in the world.

Then, he read and tried to begin to respond: “I don’t think you choose where you are. People today give themselves and immense praise to these questions that exist. The only thing we have the power to choose is to put our roots in Quebec or not. We can leave our roots at the top or we can fully acquire our identity. »

To put yourself in danger

At the age of 34, the comedian chose to root out after years of meditation and pain. More Quebecer than Quebecer, he now lives in the countryside with his wife, away from show businesswhere he finds out behind the scenes when his former friend and first-time partner, Julien Lacroix, falls into turmoil over stories of sexual misconduct.

So it was in his refuge of peace that he experienced the pandemic, which kept him away from the scene for two years, to his great regret. However, it was a chance to indulge in another of his passions, music, after the release of a critically acclaimed debut album in 2020, evil hearts, under the pseudonym Abelaïd. The successive incarcerations also gave him enough latitude to refine his fourth someone showing up, the most successful of his career. The most dangerous, too, is by dealing with topics as explosive as the feeling of belonging and the search for identity.

“The danger of showbiz, so the bigger you get, the more comfortable the projects you offer. But there is no point in doing this job if you don’t put yourself at risk. The real challenge, where I am in my career, is always uncomfortable. I like to jump in the water when it’s still cold. That’s what makes me excited about this job, ”said Adib Alkhalidey, who doesn’t want to be confined to“ ethnic humor, ”even though he’s been exploring the genre a lot since his debut.

Quebecers Tabarnak pushes, this time, the reflection a notch further. And to the delight of Adib Alkhalidey, the public reaction has been good so far. New dates have recently been added in Gesù and in some areas elsewhere in Quebec. The comedian is now juggling the idea of ​​touring the region, even though he hates hotel life.

Son of immigrants

Since 12 years after leaving the National School of Humor, Adib Alkhalidey is no longer as driven by ambition as he once was. When success is gone, he will leave the spotlight without trembling, he assures us.

This social disappointment which he no longer feared, his father before him suffered even more severely. Professor of Arabic literature in Iraq, he was forced to flee the Sadaam Hussein regime in the 1980s because of his political commitment. He will first live in Morocco, where he will meet Adib’s mother, then the family will live in Montreal.

The patriarch would accumulate and poorly paid jobs before becoming a taxi driver, a real shame for the man in the letters of the past. “She never speaks French, but she loves the French language. That’s why we came to Montréal, really, ”said Adib Alkhalidey, who gave an enthusiastic tribute to his father, who is now deceased, at his new show.

The comedian inherited his interest in reading, failed to receive a legacy of a country, a sense of belonging. Adib Alkhalidey has to take care of himself before this can be achieved. For a long time, he thought he was more French than Quebecer. Probably because the growth of modest apartment buildings in northern Montreal has so much to do. hatred by Mathieu Kassovitz only with Watatatow.

However, the Just for Laughs TV festivals are a primary factor. A long journey follows, recounted in the duration of Quebecois Tabarnak. From now on, Adib Alkhalidey has the impression of being one of us, being a complete part of the family. For better and for worse. Even if a quidam writes him knight on social networks that he should “go home if he is not happy”. Even if a maniac killed six Muslims in cold blood in the great mosque of Quebec.

The strength of identities is forged by adversity. “I have an unconditional love for Quebec,” summarizes Adib Alkhalidey.

Gesù performances on May 21 and 22 and June 23 to 25, then on tour
in Quebec until March 2023.

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