valuable new aids for consumers

Getting a loan is a commitment on a personal and financial level, but also administratively. Along with classic interest rate comparisons, credit simulation tools appear to be important aids in transforming the credit report and the customer relationship. Getting a loan is a personal and financial commitment, but also an administrative one. . Along with classic interest rate comparisons, credit simulation tools appear to be important aids in transforming credit reporting and the customer relationship.

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Essential tools for the consumer

Before turning to a credit comparator or a broker to get the best rate, estimating your borrowing capacity, and therefore repayment, is a process that is about to become essential. Ergonomic, customizable and reliable tools now make it possible to make the most appropriate decisions, in the short and long term, with the highest transparency.

As new banks are practicing this, online simulation tools are changing the lending relationship. Thanks to a responsive interface, you can simulate credit through your computer, tablet or smartphone. A complete digital solution based on both customer and user experience available as you navigate.

Simplified, user-friendly and customizable methods

Under the guise of a simple and user-friendly calculator, a simulation tool invites you to enter the nature of your project, the amount and duration of the loan envisaged (from 500 to 15,000 euros and from 6 up to 30 months). Nearly twenty suggestions are at your disposal, from consumer credit to travel, including buying a car, saving energy, getting married or buying back credit.

Simple and fast, this simulator allows you to measure, free of charge and without obligation, your borrowing capacity and adjust it as needed. With a few clicks you get a personal and quick answer in principle. You can identify and store this information and compile a valid file for financial institutions with complete peace of mind.

Knowing the facts that can motivate or hinder your projects, but also in your daily life, banks also offer you variable loans and financial statements. The help is available for 48 hours without proof of use and can be combined and customized according to your needs so that you don’t sacrifice your life or your dreams on your financial needs.

New perspectives

The various tools offered by online banks also include guides and advice aimed at supporting customers with their loan application file. The list of supporting documents to be provided, but also guides in identifying and helping to choose between fixed rate or variable rate loan, assigned or unassigned personal loan.

These simulation tools, based on the family reality and financial situation of the individual, make it possible to capture and control the elements and estimates that are considered when applying for credit. Instead of feeling rejected or poor, you hold the keys that are likely to open, in a flexible and informed way, new perspectives for the present and the future.

The credit simulation tools available today contribute to a new, more thoughtful, more invested and more reliable approach to customer relationships in banks and credit organizations. Consistent with the development of new banks such as FLOA, it is a valuable help that allows you to no longer approach the idea and consequences of a loan with fear, but with renewed confidence. to live your projects and their deadlines in all peace. . A credit guarantees you and must be paid. Check your capacity to pay before you commit

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