Ukrainian students can attend English schools

Ukrainian children who come to Quebec can enroll in English schools, learned The Press. In particular, they can do so under a temporary resident status granted to them in Ottawa upon their arrival in the country.

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Marie-Eve Morasse

Marie-Eve Morasse
The Press

Simon Bolduc
The Itinerary, special collaboration*

Confirmed by the Ministry of Education The Press that “according to the legislative and regulatory framework implemented in Quebec, Ukrainian students whose parents hold a temporary work permit may be eligible for teaching English”.

A federal emergency temporary immigration program provides Ukrainians with such a situation. The Canada-Ukraine Emergency Travel Authorization (CUATU) aims to expedite the entry into the country of Ukrainian families fleeing the war. It is valid for three years and can be renewed.

Ukrainians can then apply for permanent residence, or return to their country of origin, explained Stéphane Handfield, a lawyer who specializes in immigration.

Eleven Ukrainian students are educated in English

So far, about 100 students from Ukraine have enrolled in three French-language school service centers in Montreal.

Since last March, the Ministry of Education has determined that it has granted permission to attend English-language schooling to 11 Ukrainian children attending school in Quebec.

On the Lester-B.-Pearson school board, west of Montreal, it is shown that to date, “five students [d’origine ukrainienne] who meet the eligibility conditions of the Quebec Ministry of Education are allowed to enroll ”in one of its schools.

The English-Montreal school board, for its part, says no student who has recently arrived from Ukraine is attending one of its schools. “Unfortunately, we tried and couldn’t accommodate any of this,” wrote its spokesman, Michael Cohen.

The Riverside School Board, on Montreal’s South Shore, did not call back The Press.

common front

Last March, nine English-language school boards in the province came together to ask Quebec to offer exemptions to young Ukrainian refugees so they can attend English-language schools.

The board members then argued that most of these students were likely to have English as a second language and urged the government to “show compassion”.

Quebec has the capacity to accommodate them in French-speaking schools, then responded the Minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge. Law 101 applies “to all newcomers regardless of the language used in the country of origin,” Roberge said.

In Quebec, children of families applying for permanent residence or arriving with refugee status must attend a French-language school.

Newcomers with temporary residence permits are allowed to send their children to English schools in Quebec. This is the case, for example, of children of expatriates who have a temporary work permit and members of the Canadian Armed Forces have called for to move within the country.

* Simon Bolduc is an intern at the magazine The Itinerary.

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    Number of children who will take advantage of the French-language school attendance exemption granted to children temporarily staying in Quebec this year

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