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A tribute to “Roger Rabbit” and the animated series “Risk Rangers”, the new “Tic et Tac” film available at Disney + is a real nugget that won’t be forgotten under any circumstances. Here’s why we love it!


Nowadays, Tic and Tac are evolving just as much in the world of animation as in humans. Since deprogramming the series where they are the heroes, their lives have taken the opposite direction. Tic became an insurance representative and led an ordinary life in a residential suburb.

In contrast, Tac underwent medical surgery and performed at galas and conventions full of nostalgia, where he tried to regain his past glory. If one of their former adventure partners mysteriously disappears, Tic and Tac have no other solution but to reconnect their past friendship and return their detective hats to save him …

Tic et Tac, the Rangers of Risk: the moviedirected by Akiva Schaffer.


In the original version, John Mulaney and Andy Samberg lent their voices to Tic et Tac. The first, a very popular humorist in the United States, a former author of Saturday Night Live, has been very active in the dubbing world because he lent his voice to Spider-Pig in the movie Spider-Man New Generation, as well. than many characters from the Netflix series Big Mouth.

Better known to most of the public, thanks especially to the Brooklyn police comedy Nine-Nine, Andy Samberg is also a former Saturday Night Live. A specialist in parody and schoolboy humor, the latter especially lends his voice to Jonathan, the human hero of the Hotel Transylvania saga.



Riding a wave of reboots and multiverses, Tic and Tac returns us with a meta film, a sort of Roger Rabbit 2.0 designed as a love letter to the cult animated series The Rangers of Risk and as a harsh criticism of the Hollywood industry. Shouldn’t we expect less from director Akiva Schaffer (author of the hilarious parody biopic Popstar: Famous at all costs), former member of Lonely Island with SNL’s Andy Samberg.

In this world that mixes real people and cartoon heroes (like Roger Rabbit), Tic and Tac are two former television glories, whose collaboration was suddenly disrupted after Tac’s decision to start a solo career. .

Becoming a former glory, the latter failed to rekindle the flame of his career, and was forced to hide at the company’s conventions of “Failed Sonic” (referring to the original blue hedgehog design in the Sonic film adaptation)., The film). For his part, Tic put his acting profession behind him to start a career as an insurance salesman.


Tic et Tac, les Rangers du risque: the film doesn’t strictly speak of a reboot, but a film above all aimed at fans of the first hour of the two characters. Whether you’re a nostalgic viewer of 90s animated series, or a fan of Saturday Night Live humor, this movie is made for you!

But let the parents be confident! Despite a lot of private jokes and other content jokes, the usual double-page humor never falls into the trap of vulgarity. If kids don’t understand everything (starting with Tac’s make-over of computer graphics, or even the rivalry between the two heroes and the Chipmunks), Tic et Tac, les Rangers du risque: le film is a feature film to enter with no problem. in the family entertainment box.

Creative, disrespectful and incredibly funny, Tic et Tac, les Rangers du risque: the film is a real success, coupled with a film that goes deeper than it seems. It’s a shame to put your joy in front of this nugget, where the most impossible cameos are linked but also quotes and posters of hilarious fake parody movies (Aunt-Man, the superhero appreciated by aunts, or the impossible crossover Batman vs.. ET).

Tick ​​and Tac, Rangers of Risk: The Movie is available at Disney+.

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