The crisis of shortage of candidates for teacher competitions has begun

The classrooms were empty, and we weren’t talking about students going on vacation. Math, German, letters, or even school teachers, teacher competitions are no longer full, a result of a reform of their organization but also a crisis of professional attractiveness. “The situation for the next school year is worrying (…) Staff shortages for the 2022 school year”, the teachers ’unions summed up in a letter sent on Wednesday to Elisabeth Borne, the new Prime Minister.

The numbers are chilling: 816 candidates qualified for 1,035 positions in external mathematics Capes (compared to 1,706 who qualified last year), 83 qualified for 215 positions in German (179 in 2021), 60 for 134 positions in Classics, 75520 for 75 positions in Modern Literature

The main schools in Ile-de-France are in need

This situation is particularly marked in some disciplines but also in some academies, such as those in Ile-de-France for the first degree, where recruitment is traditionally more difficult. So there are 180 qualifiers for 219 teaching positions in schools in Paris, 521 for 1,079 in Créteil and 484 for 1,430 positions in Versailles.

Versailles rector Charline Avenel also announced this week an extensive operation to recruit more than 2,000 contract workers for the next school year, including 700 elementary school teachers and 600 teachers. in colleges and high schools. “Are you looking for a job, a new job that makes sense? Versailles Academy is recruiting, ”he explained in a video on social networks.

Orange alert watch

The Ministry of National Education, however, wants to make a commitment. Jean-Michel Blanquer recently confirmed that there will be a “necessary pool” of math teachers to start next year in high school, which will cast doubt on unions. “We’re talking about a breeding ground. (…) It’s better if it’s true, but we don’t know what we’re talking about,” commented this week Bruno Bobkiewicz, secretary general of the main union of school heads (SNPDEN) .

For the Ministry, this drop is a cyclical one, due to the reform of the competitive examination for the recruitment of teachers, which previously could have been passed from Master 1 and now occurs in Master 2. Some of the Master’s students 2 got that. they were successful last year, so a year of transition. “This brings us to a mechanical decline that is expected”, assured Vincent Soetemont, director general of human resources at the ministry. So no red alert, just an orange signal, temporary and not serious, like bad measure.

A teacher’s salary, “it can’t be dreamed of by anyone”

But for unions, the reasons for this frustration are also deeper, linked primarily to the low wages that are attractive to education. “There are two tracks: the question of salary and the conditions for entering the profession”, with some full-time trainees in front of classes at the start of the school year. “And only by answering these questions can we restore the beauty of the teaching profession,” said Sophie Vénétitay, general secretary of Snes-FSU, the leading union for colleges and high schools.

“There are a lot of explanations. Inevitably, if we now have a low image of the teaching profession due to ambient discourse, which does not dream of anyone “, the judges Bruno Bobkiewicz, who also pointed out” the level of recruitment in Bac + 5 “, not necessarily enough. With” the level of salary at the beginning of the career “.” For scientists, even if it means choosing between a job as an engineer where you can easily get 3,000 euros and a job as a teacher where you are always confined to 2,000 euros, the choice is very quick ”, summarizes Flavie, 23, who passed the Modern Literature Capes last year.

“Surely the reform has contributed to the fact that there are fewer candidates”, analyzed this teacher training. But it also underscores an age-old “crisis”, which is associated with “full of constraints, especially financial” and the “lack of recognition” of the profession. Faced with this shortfall, the unions called on the Prime Minister to take “urgent” measures, including “an ambitious wage increase”. For Guislaine David, secretary general of SNUipp-FSU (first primary union), there is also an “urgent need for a unique competition” to be added to the current session.

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