Pap Ndiaye appointed Minister of National Education and Youth

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    Elisabeth Borne, 61, is a regular in the ministries. Advisor to the ministries of Jack Lang and Jospin, he left politics in 2002 to become an SNCF executive. Second prefect, he took over the management of Ségolène Royal’s ecological cabinet. After two years of leading the RATP, he became the Minister Delegate in charge of Transport in 2017. Despite the two -month strike, he ended the controversial SNCF reform that marked the end of the situation of railway workers, the opening up of competition and changing the status of the company. In 2019, he became Minister for Ecological Transition then for Labor, Integration and Employment during the reshuffle in July 2020. He was appointed Prime Minister on May 16, 2022.

  • Bruno Le Maire - Minister of Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty

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    The pure product of the French administration, Bruno Le Maire filled all the boxes. Normalien, enarque, director of the cabinet of Dominique Villepin, then secretary of state and minister of agriculture under the Fillon governments, Bruno Le Maire failed primarily on the right in 2016. Against Emmanuel Macron’s project during the 2017 campaign, he then proposed to join the presidential majority and attract the wrath of Republicans. Appointed Minister of Economy and Finance in 2017 at the age of 48, he remained head of the ministry for the entire five -year term. His mandate was marked by important social reforms such as the end of the ISF, or the establishment of the withholding tax. It was also plagued by major crises, such as the Yellow Vests and then the economic crisis associated with the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Gérald Darmanin - Minister of Interior

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    Out of the Republicans and mayor of Tourcoing, Gérald Darmanin was appointed Minister of Action and Public Accounts in 2017 at the age of 35 before taking over under the government of Jean Castex. Her appointment to the Ministry of the Interior has attracted the wrath of the opposition and feminist associations in particular, while the new man from Beauvau is under investigation on rape allegations. In January 2022, the Public Prosecutor’s Office requested dismissal of this case which has not yet been fully closed.

  • Catherine Colonna - Minister of Foreign Affairs

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    Catherine Colonna is a former president of Chirac, accustomed to French diplomacy. Government spokesman between 1995 and 2004, then Minister Delegate for European Affairs from 2005 to 2007 during the Villepin government, he was then appointed Ambassador of France to Italy and then to the Republic of San Marino. Since September 2019, he has been the French ambassador to the United Kingdom.

  • Éric Dupond -Moretti - Keeper of the Seals

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    Star lawyer in numerous media trials, Éric Dupond-Moretti was 56 when he replaced Nicole Belloubet in Jean Castex’s government. His bizarre appointment to the Ministry of Justice provoked an outcry from the judiciary who saw it as a “declaration of war”. A major project of his ministry, the law for reliance on judicial institution allows for the specific permitting of television cameras in some courts. It also raised the justice budget by 8%.

  • Amélie de Montchalin - Minister for Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion

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    At the age of 36, he was the embodiment of civil society that had just landed in politics alongside Emmanuel Macron. From the private sector, Amélie de Montchalin was elected LREM deputy for Essonne in June 2017. She quickly rose through the ranks, becoming vice president of the LREM group in the Assembly and then head of the group finance committee. In 2019, she entered government to replace Nathalie Loiseau as Secretary of State for European Affairs before taking over her own Ministry of Transformation and Public Service in 2020.

  • Pap Ndiaye - Minister of National Education

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    Academician Pap Ndiaye, 56, associate professor of History and director of the Museum of the History of Immigration was elected Minister of National Education, replacing Jean-Michel Blanquer (photo taken in March 2021 in front of the Golden Gate Palace where located the Immigration Museum).

  • Sébastien Lecornu - Minister of the Armed Forces

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    He’s one of Macronie’s right -wing figures. Former Vernon mayor and president of the Eure Departmental Council, Sébastien Lecornu, 35, joined LREM in 2017 in the wake of the LR’s Fillon fiasco. He quickly created a place for himself in ministries: first as Secretary of State to the Minister for Ecological Transition, then Delegate to the Minister in charge of Local Authorities. He finally acquired his own portfolio in July 2020, with Overseas.

  • Brigitte Bourguignon - Minister of Health and Prevention

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    At 63, he was the Minister Delegate in charge of Autonomy. In 2012, the MP for Pas-de-Calais invested in PS, then in LREM from 2017. He chaired the prestigious Social Affairs Committee of the National Assembly from 2017 to 2020, before entering government.

  • Olivier Dussopt - Minister of Labor and Integration

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    A 43-year-old former socialist, Olivier Dussopt left the opposition for Secretary of State to Minister for Action and Public Accounts in November 2017. Three years later, he was promoted to Minister Delegate in charge of Public Accounts within the Castex government. Without Macronie’s guarantor, he leads 2021 at the head of the “Territory of progress”, the left wing of the majority seeking to protect the values ​​of social democracy.

  • Damien Abad - Minister of Solidarity, Autonomy and Disability

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    Damien Abad, a pillar of Republicans and president of their Assembly group, left the party a day before the government’s announcement. Deputy in 2012, he was the first elected disabled person to sit on the hemycicle. Support for Bruno Le Maire during the 2016 prime before the presidential election, he then campaigned for François Fillon. Damien Abad is also the vice president of LR under Laurent Wauquiez.

  • Sylvie Retailleau - Minister of Higher Education and Research


    Sylvie Retailleau, president of Paris-Saclay University, became Minister of Higher Education and Research

  • Marc Fesneau - Minister of Agriculture

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    Marc Fesneau is the new Minister of Agriculture, after becoming the Prime Minister’s Delegate Minister, overseeing Parliamentary Relations and Citizen Participation from 2018. Unbeknownst to many, he previously had a number of mandates. in election as regional councilor of the Center- Val de Loire region or as Secretary General of the Democratic Movement, then as President of the MoDem group in the National Assembly. He is 51 years old.

  • Stanislas Guérini - Minister of Innovation and Public Service

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    Walker number 1 joined the government. Stanislas Guériné, General Delegate of En Marche, became Minister of Public Service.

  • Yaël Braun -Pivet - Minister of Foreign Affairs

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    President of the Law Commission during the first five -year term, Member of Parliament for Yvelines.

  • Rima Abdul -Malak - Minister of Culture


    Unlike Roselyne Bachelot, whom she replaced, Rima Abdul-Malak’s face is not known to many. However, he orchestrated shadows for culture for two years, as an advisor to Emmanuel Macron. At 44, born in Lebanon, Rima Abdul-Malak has made a name for herself with the president: “We feel the way she talks about him that she places so much importance on him”, confided by L’Obs in a regular at the Élysée. Described as a shadow minister, and approached the previous reshuffle to head to rue de Valois, he finally had to wait a few years before being appointed there.

  • Agnès Pannier -Runacher - Minister of Energy Transfer

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    From civil society. Appointed Minister Delegate to the Minister of Economy, Finance and Recovery, in charge of the Industry in October 2018. 47 years of age.

  • Amelie Oudéa -Castera - Minister of Sports

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  • Olivier Véran - Delegate of the Minister, who oversees the relations of Parliament

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    The 42-year-old neurologist, MP for Isère PS was re-elected in 2017 under the LREM label, Olivier Véran replacing Agnès Buzyn at the Ministry of Health in February 2020. For the French, his face remains similar to Covid-19 crisis, daily press release conferences and the campaign for vaccination.

  • Isabelle Rome - Delegate of the Minister for Equality between Women and Men, Diversity, Equal Opportunity


  • Gabriel Attal - Delegate to the Minister for Public Accounts

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    “A bone to eat for young Gabriel”, Jean Castex was spotted when he took office as head of government in July 2020. Former government spokesman at 31, former parliamentary adviser Marisol Touraine under François Hollande one of Macronie’s revelations. He is the Secretary of State for Youth (2018-2020) and LREM representative for Hauts-de-Seine.

  • Christophe Béchu - Delegate of the Minister for Local Authority


  • Franck Riester - Delegate of the Minister for Foreign Trade

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    Minister delegate in charge of foreign trade and attractiveness. Minister of Culture from 2018 to 2020. President of Agir. Deputy of UMP from 2007 then LR, and UDI and Independents until 2018. He is 48 years old.

  • Clément Beaune - Delegated Minister for Europe

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    Clément Beaune, 40, is well versed in European issues. Prior to becoming Secretary of State for European Affairs in July 2020, he was already an adviser to Emmanuel Macron on the same file during Bercy’s time. .

  • Olivia Grégoire - Government Spokesperson


    Olivia Grégoire cut her political teeth in the office of Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin, then as a collaborator with Xavier Bertrand on Health. He became Secretary of State to the Minister of Economy, in charge of Social, Solidarity and Responsible Economy in July 2020. He is 43 years old.

  • Justine Benin - Secretary of State to the Prime Minister, in charge of the sea

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    Member of Parliament for the 2nd constituency in Guadeloupe

  • Charlotte Caubel - Secretary of State to the Prime Minister, in charge of Children


    Charlotte Caubel

  • Chrysoula ZACHAROPOULOU - Secretary of State to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, overseeing the development

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