Owners of municipal landscapes

Having a so-called dangerous dog is subject to the owners obligations. If they are not respected, they will endanger the safety of residents and other animals.

Gaëtan Lemaire vividly remembers April 23, the day his Maltese bichon Rue de Lihons in Ablaincourt-Pressoir was killed by two dog categories. One is category 1 (attack dog), and the other is category 2 (guard and defense dogs). A video shared by the owner shows the animal’s sudden attack, leaving him with little luck. Mignon arrived dead at the veterinarian, as shown in a later report. “There was a neck injury and two holes on each side of the thorax, a broken rib, and a suspected lung rupture” he details.

Undeclared dogs

“My blood -stained dog died in my arms on the way to the vet” said Gaëtan Lemaire. “My complaint was dismissed by the Chaulnes gendarmerie on the grounds that the dogs attacked another dog, and not the man. I even made a handrail ”. The latter went back to the details of the attack: the bichon was on a public road and went to a property where two dogs were there. One of the two dogs passed the barrier as the bichon approached. He then attacked her. Then the second dog crossed the barrier before attacking instead. The owner of the dogs categories immediately intervened to separate them. The first dog released, but the second returned, biting the bichon in the chest. According to Gaëtan Lemaire, the owner admitted to him that the two dogs had not been declared. The man also initiated a pre-complaint online before an appointment with the Rosières-en-Santerre brigade.

Hold the owners accountable

What Gaëtan Lemaire wants now is above all to be alert, to avoid other tragedies in the future, which can be very worrying for children. Owners of so-called dangerous category 1 and 2 dogs have a real obligation, starting with declaring their pet at the town hall. This is the case in Pargny, where there is a dog category 2. The owner of this case is in perfect condition, preferably speaking to the town hall a civil liability insurance that covers any damage. caused by his dog. But many other obligations frame the owners. In fact, they must first meet certain conditions, such as not being convicted of crimes, misdemeanors, or not being deprived of custody or possession of a dog. The owner must also follow a day of forced training at his expense, related to the education and behavior of the dogs. Upon completion of this, he received a certificate of competency. The dog must go through a behavioral evaluation to measure its level of danger. Done with a veterinarian, this should occur between 8 and 12 months of age in the animal. Dogs under 8 months of age cannot make this assessment. It needs to be updated regularly, again, depending on the dog’s level of danger. The costs of ethical appraisal are also the responsibility of the owner.

A detention permit

In the scenes of municipalities, seeking to ensure the safety of their residents, the owners have every interest in respecting their obligations, subject to a fine of up to 750 euros. If they are not in order, they have a month to regularize their condition, before the animal is removed from them. If not regularized, they have up to three months in prison, a fine of 3750 euros, and a permanent or temporary ban on keeping an animal. Finally, if there is an assault, a fine and a sentence of imprisonment depending on the nature of the facts will occur, as well as a permanent or temporary ban on keeping an animal.

To obtain a detention permit, the owner must communicate with the town hall of his commune or the prefecture and several documents. Must first differentiate between dogs under 8 months and dogs under 8 months. If over 8 months of age, the obligations are greater. Cerfa form, animal identification paper, rabies vaccination certificate, sterilization for first category dogs, certificate of competency for the owner, evaluation of dog behavior, civil liability insurance , proof of dog pedigree required.

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