“Loving others does not help you love yourself”

I love Belgium

five years ago Rio, Christophe Willem is preparing for the sixth opus to be launched with the single “PS: Je t’aime”. A turning point for him. “The previous album, where I put a lot of stuff, didn’t meet its audience, except for the concerts.. ”

By Christian Marchand

Match in Paris. You sang about the love of the single “PS: Je t’aime”, which announced your album. What place does it hold in your life?
Christopher Willem. Great place. I like it. I can’t live without vibrate. Even if it’s for a person, a music, a country… The clip of the song because it shows the journey of an artist: surrounded by many people at a party, and then find yourself doing -alone with a birthday cake.

Have you ever gone from love to hate?
Yes, because the border is thin. I think the worst part of a relationship is disappointment. It happens to me and that’s the big problem when you live in emotional trust: people who love you afterwards find you very cool. You have to do a lot of the work yourself. In this work, strange or foolish, you think that loving others helps you love yourself. Well no. The danger of success is that a useless person thinks he is a friend. In fact, it just feeds the ego.

Many don’t know this, but you’re politically inclined.
Yes, I followed the presidential election very closely. The Macron-Le Pen debate is smarter than it was five years ago. We saw a really democratic, uplifting duel, giving everyone a real reflection. Five years later, it’s more of a pointless competition. Afterwards, it became possible to see Emmanuel Macron in the campaign. For the most part, his record is mixed. We still wanted to hear him argue.

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Now, we start talking about war.
I was in Auvergne, with my parents, when it was declared. Every day, we say to ourselves: “But impossible, a war these days!” The fact of invading a country from another era. Now, the world is afraid the keg of powder will explode. Nuclear weapons depend on madness, fear. But hope is not dead. The health crisis and its locks teach us that anything is possible. At the time, we had just come out of a violent phase of attacks. We told ourselves we couldn’t imagine anything happening like war. Like we think we can’t confine the world. But we did it! Solutions still exist, especially since here, there are economic and financial reasons to find a peace agreement. I can no longer cope with this pessimistic view. Tomorrow is the drama of global warming, with the melting of ice and the fact that other bacteria and viruses will be released into nature… Let’s give ourselves the right to be happy!

We feel that you are affected by everything that is happening.
How could that not be? The planet will survive, but we will not. There is a certain pretense on our part in this impression that we will last forever, that we will save the planet. Let’s completely reframe things: the Earth would live better without us. We are in complete ignorance of this very weak balance that exists between the planet and its occupants, that is, the animal, vegetable and human worlds. I was saddened to learn that the man was acting in a perfect posture of power.

Still positive? In this Belgium you love?
Aside from the fact that Brussels is still under construction (laughs), there is a real dynamic there, like a city like London, that is able to preserve its history and culture while turning to modernity. In France, we remain behind. One of my best memories of Belgium remains attached to the national holiday. There is such enthusiasm on the streets of Brussels! Everyone seems to have rediscovered a part of their childhood. Share too, walk halfway, sing. That was beautiful.

Christophe Willem returned with his parents to his teenage room

“I have to ask myself to analyze things. From a voluntary cessation, it became a forced cessation of the pandemic. Longer than expected, but healthy enough! My profession has changed dramatically. In short, I found myself with my parents, in my teenager’s room, with my questions and my past memories. Surprisingly, this led to a desire not to write or compose. Instead remove layers of varnish that may have accumulated over time. I have ups and downs. I mean all this without turning, without anything slowing down and without restraint. »

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