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From May 10 to 19, the Royal Court of Justice of the United Kingdom is the scene of excellent attendance at the trial of the “Wagatha Christie” case. At the center of attention: a major fight between the footballer’s two wives, Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy, the latter suing the former for defamation after the latter accused him of leaking private information to Sun. To know the judge’s verdict, we still have to wait. English tabloids, they are happy with this big unpack.

It is well known, the DailyMail not the type to be one-upmanship. Two years later, when the possibility of a trial became more concrete, the English tabloid discussed “Million Pound WAG War” to qualify the conflict between Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy. Last week, this time there was a discussion “three million libel suit” . These amounts, astronomical if not entirely reliable, refer to the costs incurred by the two women to obtain the services of their attorneys. David Sherborne and Hugh Tomlinson are tenors at the bar, who have largely defended the interests of Johnny Depp and Prince Charles in the past and found themselves face-to-face, from May 10 to 19, as part of the unrest. -believable and much more publicized “Wagatha Christie” affair.

Bogus information and great revelation

To understand the ins and outs of this story that has fascinated the entire Channel, you have to go back a few years. Married to Wayne, his childhood sweetheart, since June 2008, Coleen Rooney has been used to attracting the lenses of the paparazzi and feeding the WAG (acronym used to refer to the wives and girlfriends of players) sections of tabloids. Even if they laugh at her being cellulite or point out her husband’s betrayals, it’s still okay. On the other hand, the influencer was surprised to be seen to Sun articles about events that only relatives know about. In other words, people with access to his private Instagram account. Where do these recurring drops come from? Coleen had some doubts and, to find out, decided to do her own investigation. She published stories with misinformation (the flooding of one of her properties, a trip to Mexico to choose the gender of her next child …) and arranged for them to only appear in one account . A clever technique – where lovers of spy novels can assimilate methylene blue – will bear fruit, because this mini -information is taken from Sun soon after. The traitor will be found all over. This is Rebekah Vardy, who she was with during Euro 2016.

On October 9, 2019, Coleen Rooney took to a Twitter message to reveal the result of her investigation to her many followers. Seeing his name as given in the public square, the Leicester striker’s wife vehemently denied and lamented the fact that the one accusing her did not want to call her to discuss it all in a more discreet way. A victim of harassment on social networks, she was hospitalized three times for anxiety attacks and was still afraid of getting pregnant. In June 2020, Rebekah counter-attacked and announced that she was suing Coleen for libel. A few months later, in November, a judge ruled in Vardy’s favor at the end of the preliminary hearing, but he did not rule out the merits of the case. The two women have until February 8, 2021 to try to find a solution by agreeing and avoiding a trial. Wasted effort. The long -awaited confrontation is scheduled for May 2022.

An underwater phone, Wayne climbed

It is within the prestigious Royal Court of Justice of the United Kingdom, in London, that the trial of the case of Wagatha Christie (so-called mention of the famous British novelist) will open on Tuesday, May 10. The Rooney clan has the burden of proving Rebekah Vardy’s responsibility for the information leak, or for convincing the judge that the publication of the tweet involved later was the direction of the general interest. Tabloids are obviously on the front line, but some are said to be more serious media, such as the BBC or The Independent, giving particular importance to coverage of debates. Very quickly, a third name was put forward: that of Caroline Watts. “Becky” Vardy’s agent and friend, which she always shares “gossip” , he has access to the 40-year-old influencer’s Instagram account and so he can see Coleen’s stories. Getting his hands on his cell phone can be beneficial, if only to find possible compromise in message exchanges. Unfortunately, the device accidentally fell into the water some time ago, on a boat trip in the North Sea. According to another account, Rebekah gave her credentials to a photographer so she could sell information, but it was also not confirmed. However, the hypothesis that the leaks were from a third party who used Vardy’s Instagram account was not rejected by either side.

Rebekah Vardy

For others, this test is always like a settlement of points. We also wondered if some revelations were really needed for a better understanding of the case, such as when Coleen confirmed that Rebekah did her best to be positioned where she wanted to stand during Euro 2016 and at the World Cup 2018 As he admitted he was trying to reveal. Danny Drinkwater’s drunken car in April 2019, Becky has denied other allegations filed against him, despite reading posts that may suggest otherwise. On May 17, Wayne Rooney entered the scene. Called at the bar, the Derby County manager returned to a discussion he had with Jamie Vardy during the Euros being debated in France. At the time, the wife of the latter wrote a column for Sunand Roy Hodgson’s staff feared it could cause disruption among the Three Lions. “I remember talking to Jamie. It’s kind of awkward for me to talk to a teammate about his wife. ” recalls the former Manchester United striker, who added that “Ms. Vardy was almost there with the team, she was on FaceTime.» The response of his former teammate, on coming out of court: “Wayne said nothing. She must have been confused, because she didn’t talk to me about the problems caused by Becky’s media activities during Euro 2016.

The final clarification will take place on Thursday, May 19. Without Coleen or Wayne Rooney, who were planning a long vacation with their four children at the time. But with their lawyer, David Sherborne, whose argument is, to say the least, harsh in relation to Rebekah Vardy. He was accused of having “lied under oath” and to carry “unbelievable evidence” . His representative, Hugh Tomlinson, responded by asking for a major fix from his client, who was targeted by a “very serious slander” . However, he admitted it “Ms. Vardy obviously made mistakes. One of the mistakes is giving your trust to someone you shouldn’t have given it to. ” and appointed Caroline Watts as a ‘obvious suspect’ . Judge Karen Steyn, for her part, will give her verdict on a date yet to be determined. So let’s wait some more before this activity ends. A case obtained in unequal proportions. A case, above all, that never ends.

By Raphael Brosse

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