Love bombardment: this typical approach to narcissistic twists

What is a narcissistic pervert?

A narcissistic pervert is an individual who carries a pathology of narcissism accompanied by a distorted pathology, characterized by sadism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy in the psychiatric sense. .

Even in a romantic or friendly relationship, it is not easy to recognize the behavior of a narcissistic pervert as similar to “chameleon and with numerous masks, both normal and pathological“, according to Anne Clotilde Ziégler. In the beginning, the narcissistic pervert wanted to be attractive, delicious, convincing, funny but also super.” Do you like music? I’m so good too! ”In fact, the discourse of a narcissistic bias is a lot of“ me too ”to play on the set of communities and equivalence of his future victim. Life. He also presents a more narcissistic one part with a “permanent self -improvement“, observes the specialist. Showing his superiority is one of his ways of being and different according to the environment. If he is from a wealthy class, he is proud of his money. he is” prey “of his culture and so on. Able to perform all the tasks, the narcissistic pervert shows his true face when he removes the mask of normalcy to become cold, manipulative, ill -intentioned, destructive, sadistic, demeaning, psychologically and sometimes physically violent, all without any kind of empathy and questioning. “It delights in causing its victim to suffer and to destroy it.“, explained our psychotherapist”. “If the prey is old enough for it to think about leaving, it will start again with an attractive behavior that will reassure the victim and it can last a long time like that, it’s a vicious circle.“he continued.

What is love bombing ?

“Love bombing” is an anglicism that literally means “bombardment of love”. It is a behavior that aims to shower an individual with love, admiration, recognition, kindness in the context of a romantic relationship. This behavior usually occurs when the relationship is in her infancy. The “victim” is then in complete skepticism, having the impression of finding someone who loves and respects him to a level never reached before.We feel like the king or queen of the world in the face of this attitude“, says Anne Clotide Ziegler.” Love bombing “returns an apparent sincerity that can very easily lock the victim into a pattern of emotional trust. In this way, the narcissistic pervert is targeting”shoe a man in a way that can exploit and manipulate him as he pleases, like sects! He uses it as psychic waste“, explained the specialist.

Should “love bombing” be a manipulative attitude?

After all, it’s only normal to idealize and praise an individual at the beginning of a romance, isn’t it? But if, you know, this feeling where in your eyes this person does not suffer from any defect and where you dream of spending your life! But then in this case, wouldn’t we all be actors and victims of “love bombing” and does that make us malicious creatures for everyone? “The narcissistic pervert will act thoughtfully, that’s the difference“, warns Anne Clotilde Ziégler.It’s hard to recognize this approach as evil, because it’s similar to the reality when you fall in love.“, he continues. This mask of normality makes the narcissistic pervert difficult to expose, and seeing a dysfunction in a toxic relationship is a long process that costs a lot of suffering for the victim.

For readers with skepticism, Anne Clotilde Ziegler has some advice for you. First, take advantage of “love bombing” because receiving attention and praise can make the ego happy and proud. Gradually, from the moment it becomes excessive and “excessive” and you feel like it’s too good to be true, ”It’s usually too good to be true. ” he testified. So he suggests you be careful. If you notice one or more strange signs that put you on alert “if you fall for an individual who suffers from emotional dependence or it is a pervert and there, you have to leave while there is still time

Get rid of toxic relationships not a small success. Often the victim will find it difficult to open his or her eyes to the real benefits that someone has brought him or her. On the other hand, with a little suspicion, our psychotherapist advised to go and find out about the definition of a narcissistic pervert and these people who are considered poisonous. For this, you can watch a full panel of internet videos dedicated to this topic ”even if they have different quality, they should be chosen carefully“, warns Anne Clotilde Ziégler. You can also tell it to relatives or friends. In short, you need an outside perspective on the relationship! In addition, toxic relationships can be depressing. And if one people are able to get out of it, the psychological sequelae appear only later.About future relationships, a former victim may be more suspicious and a victim of insecurity.How to cure this mistrust? Consultation with a specialist proven to be an effective solution to gain skills in recognizing the narcissistic pervert but also to learn to trust yourself when you feel you have done something wrong.

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