League of Legends: A character that has been around for over 10 years has finally become official!

Game News League of Legends: A character that has been around for over 10 years has finally become official!

It’s been more than 10 years that League of Legends has been accessible, and talking about success is almost a small statement. Riot’s MOBA is no longer just a MOBA, it’s now a complete universe, with an excellent series of animations, games and source products, a very good world competition scene, and … a community that is still involved in the past. But the road is still a long way to go, as the 160th champion on the roster has just been revealed.

And this new League of Legends champion, not just anyone. But first of all, let’s go back to the history of theories and rumors.

10 years of rumors, theory and investigation

Since the release of the game, a strange silhouette intrigued the players, who is constantly digging into League of Legends lore, video, and data for answers. It all started with callback animation on basewhere we saw the Proto Cho’Gath Prime, Kog’Maw Skarner Alpha, all appearing later in skin shape.

But one of the silhouettes has always remained mysterious. Mixing between a moth and a rare bird, he asked the players. We will leave you with details of other theories and the doubts of the community because we have made you a complete article on the topic, which jumps to April 2022, the date on which Youtubeur published a video in which the silhouette can be played.

The Empty will be released, and it will have a face

Quick, we know this attitude called Bel’Veth, and it was the Nether Imperaticbehavior forest. Know that 10 years have passed since the best theoreticians got it right, since the character will definitely integrate into the roster duel! After Zeri, Zaun’s electric battery occupies the role of AD, then Renata in support, instead of Bel’Veth, the Imperatice of Nothing.

Riot Games character abilities have not yet been revealed nor in his launch skin, but we are entitled to a biography. For their part, the rumors point to a champion with two forms, the second is associated with an ability called Devour, which allows you to change shape. But back to the official elements we have, which is Bel’Veth’s biography:

Bel’Veth, nightmarish empress born in a swallowed city, represents the end of Runeterra … and the beginning of a terrifying reality of her own design. Inspired by centuries of history, knowledge and memories soaked in the world above, it satisfies its growing appetite for new experiences and emotions, consuming everything in its path. However, one world is not enough to satisfy all his desires, so he focuses his selfish gaze on the former masters of the Void …

League of Legends: A character that has been around for over 10 years has finally become official!

A frightening and dark story, detailed in a long biography. So the chaos shows he’s like one “metastasized heart cancer in the Void” able to tear Runeterra to pieces and “reshape” the planet into his image. As a flashing fan, Bel’Veth can waiting for the millennium before you can step on Runeterra. Void takes a long time to feed, grow, and affect people through the cracks, but it also takes a leader.

Bel’Veth is the leader. Revealing himself without the agility of his destruction, he is ironically born from a city called Belveth, whose name means God of Forgetfulness for the ancient people of Shiruma, swallowed up by the Void. Let’s end with the horrible character quotesetting the tone: “This world will never be forgotten. I will change it, like a child swallowing his parents.”

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