“How to improve your real estate customer relationship?”, Cédric Laporte

How to improve customer satisfaction throughout the real estate buying process: from search to post -sale service. This is the teaching topic signed by Cédric Laporte with 3 good habits to win the hearts of sellers and buyers. Read on now to provide a 5-star customer experience.

Because real estate consultant worried about sound quality customer relationskahibab ka how to win the hearts of sellers and buyers ? how increase customer satisfaction in your activity real estate? I suggest you find out right away the best habits for improving customer relationships in real estate. Ready to offer your customers a exceptional service and an dazzling experience? lakaw ta!

Good practice n ° 1: create a relationship of trust with customers

Anticipate the needs of property owners

You should never put yourself in someone’s shoes, we agree! For that, it is necessary to adopt the system of beliefs and thoughts of another, which is impossible.

But you can empathize. Intuitively put yourself in the shoes of the real estate owner, imagining what he needs. What are these expectations?

If you are trying to understand your salesperson, you are already in the process of mutual aid that your customer will definitely understand and appreciate.

By anticipating their needs, you are more efficient and can further improve customer satisfaction.

Personalize the customer relationship with the seller

If I’m talking to you about anticipating the needs of the owners, it’s not in a general way, but in a personal way.

Every seller has their own expectations. You need to know the specificity of each of your customers. Man for the most part makes, for me, the beauty of the real estate consultant profession.

👉 My advice for personalizing your vendor’s customer relationship:

  • be curious and attentive;
  • practice active listening: try not to think about your response while your client is talking to you, but to fully understand what he or she is telling you;
  • then ask the right questions to find out what motivates your client;
  • target the needs that in your view do not satisfy him (need for information, need for efficiency, need for time, need for security, etc.).

Conduct a non-intrusive real estate search

My workhorse is non-intrusive prospecting! You have to adapt to the new expectations of property owners. The competition is fierce and your prospects will not hesitate to compare real estate consultants.

Improving your real estate customer relationship starts with the first contact during the search.

In order to have a useful and effective search system, you need to define a strategy tailored to the new needs of property owners:

  • information;
  • quality;
  • trust;
  • adaptation.

Use digital tools to provide your prospects with quality information for free. You will be present (albeit omnipresent) in their daily lives, and you will inspire their confidence gradually.

Are you, too, some people you don’t know, but that you listen to, read or watch every day seem familiar to you? You trust them more than the one you saw the first time.

Be very present: on social networks, via email, on your website, with neighborhood merchants, in mailboxes, and so on. Your prospects will feel like they know you personally even if you haven’t met before.

To continue: I reveal other tips for create a relationship of trust with your customers.

Good practice number 2: improving the buying process with buyers through mediation from the start of the project

You can just post ads for your properties for sale in your window, and wait for potential buyers to contact you.

But you can also be active in:

  • supporting the buyer from the beginning of his real estate project;
  • bring him value from the first stage of his purchase.

For this, the idea must be in place even before the buyer knows his need. The ideal way to achieve this? Invest in a targeted digital marketing strategy.

Can be found on social networks and on the internet to improve your real estate skills

The web is the new word-of-mouth 2.0. If you are on the right local channel and bring the right information to your readers, your audience will grow quickly.

Like sellers, acquiring futures that need information will eat into your pocket. If you value him, he will trust you and even feel that you know him.

The chances that he will turn to you when taking action for your advice and support will be increased tenfold.

To find out, you need to take care of:

  • your professional profile and the content you share;
  • your local SEO on your Google business listing.

Create a method to retrieve e-mail

To stay in touch with your prospects and gain customers, even outside of social networks, there is nothing better than e-mail.

With a very low cost, an e-mail campaign allows you to reach thousands of people.

👉 How to create your email list? By offering quality content around the theme of buying real estate (e-book, guide, etc.) in exchange for contact details, in Facebookon your website, or in any digital medium you use.

👉 What kind of email will be sent to your contacts?

  • a newsletter with news on the agency, real estate market, legal, and more. ;
  • a catalog of products: a selection of items for sale targeted according to profiles;
  • follow-up the customer with a satisfaction question.

To ensure the quality of your letters, pay particular attention to the subject matter of the email and the reliability of the content.

Suggest original and quality real estate ads

Above all, in order to see your ads, I advise you to submit them on multiple channels: your website, real estate portals, social networks, and so on.

Then, to stand up, you can:

  • make a video with a virtual tour of the property and, why not, some touches of humor;
  • writing and copywritten ad, copywriting for a compelling way of writing;
  • use the power of storytelling to tell the story well.

Good practice n ° 3: guide clients through each stage of the notary sale

As you know, your job doesn’t stop with signing the sales agreement. Away there! Even when negotiations are over, your advisory mission continues. If you build a quality relationship with your customers, you will no doubt remain their primary contact.

The signing of the agreement of sale by the notary

In order to improve customer satisfaction, it must be present when signing the sales agreement.

Usually you send the file and all the information to the notary. If the latter is there to provide security and legal advice to the parties, you are there to facilitate interactions.

Should the buyer apply for a building permit and seem overwhelmed? You can guide him and recommend an architect.

On the part of the buyer: the search for financing

👉 Why help your buyer client in their search for financing?

  • Increase the chance of reaching the final sale;
  • Improve the buyer -customer experience, and perhaps make it an ambassador;
  • Maximize your seller’s customer satisfaction, happy to see the sale made.

👉 How can you help your client buy in their search for financing?

  • Made a point with him ahead, prior to the real estate visit, to coordinate borrowing capacities and the overall budget;
  • Let him benefit from the contacts in your network (broker or banker);
  • He was with the deadlines to be respected in getting his loan.

The real change in sales

In order to take care of your customer relationship, you must be present on the day of the notary’s signing of the sale.

True, this event also triggers the payment of your invoice… But most of all, remember the importance of this day for your customers!

Quality support is complete support.

It is also important that you guide your buyer that day (and the days before) on the steps to take:

  • transfer the sale price to notary accounts;
  • possible to participate in meter readings;
  • obtaining property insurance;
  • and so on

Bonus idea to improve your real estate customer relationship: expect buyer support after the sale

For a unique customer experience, why not identify yourself with a benefit by creating a specialized service for after -sales problems?

It is a widespread practice in new real estate to be serviced after the sale, but can be replaced with the old, by adapting it of course. It’s more of an after-sales service.

Remaining the privileged interlocutor of your buyer client in case of questions or problems, for a limited and determined period of time after the sale, it is a very strong added value to your efforts. Real Estate Adviser!

You may have the impression that it is a waste of time, the file is closed and the invoice has been paid. However, this practice can give you several benefits:

  • retain your client, former buyer, but soon becoming a seller as well;
  • give him life successful customer experience and not in the ordinary;
  • enhance your image as a top real estate advisor;
  • encouragement of recommendations.

“The best ad is a satisfied customer.” Bill Gates

In short, to make your customers, sellers and buyers, enthusiastic ambassadors, offer them a customer travel 5 stars in each episode, by:

  • listening to them;
  • give them value through your content strategy and personal support;
  • develop trust through your reliability and professionalism;
  • being by their side at every stage of their project.

To help you be more concrete in this task, I suggest you spend a few minutes on the phone with you. Book yours now free tuition. See you soon!

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