Ghali Kettani: “In customer relationships, you can’t do too much!”

How to ensure its loyalty strategy and how can a company take advantage of the advantages currently offered by the rise of digitalization and the enthusiasm of social networks? But, above all, do the basic principles of customer relationship management have a chance to succeed in the Moroccan market? Some answers from Ghali Kettani…

Many experts insist that customer satisfaction should remain the cornerstone of efforts to perfect a loyalty strategy. To go beyond the simple idea of ​​satisfaction, it is necessary to offer a truly quality customer experience. What to start?

In fact, the satisfaction index is now one of the components of the loyalty process. Many indicators are now used to measure the customer experience. The main challenge this year consists of mastering the many channels that are now available to the customer.

As a result, it is necessary to ascertain exactly what the customer is experiencing when he or she is talking to the company. This represents an ongoing exercise that we are promoting. That the brand has clues in the perspective of the customer experience is one thing, that it lives exactly what the customer’s life is, another.

Therefore, measuring customer experiences regularly, even on a daily basis, across all channels whether digital, face-to-face or remote, in pre-sales, sales and after-sales, drawing the necessary lessons and put in place the necessary correctives in a healthy and transparent manner, which both reduces the rate of dissatisfaction and directly acts on customer loyalty.

Among the most frequent advice is that a company needs to know how to thank its fans. However, he also needs to know how to apologize when necessary. Alas, many companies do not do this… How to inspire the spirit of consumer loyalty?

Not all customer experiences provided by a company can be perfect. Statistically, there are rates depending on the country. Apparently, mea culpa is inevitable now. But beyond this aspect, the company needs to act in a way that quickly minimizes the negative emotion it can generate in the customer and try to avoid a viral reaction.

Severe cases are often involved after the sale because they are very severe in terms of negative emotions, if they are not well experienced or known to the customer. In a number of countries, even though the budgets involved in this phase can be large, the processes are further simplified, after the sale, to be part of the logic of efficiency and effectiveness. By stepping back, everyone begins to understand that the consequences can be fatal.

Is digitization really a god?
It’s like any innovation. If you understand the ins and outs, it’s clear it’s a god. This allows for unprecedented speed and efficiency. On the other hand, if it is not well controlled, it can create great frustration. *

Through the various editions of Selected Customer Service of the Year, I can tell you two numbers: the number of unanswered emails and contact forms by 37% and that of messages and/or comments on Facebook by 14%. Imagine how it would be recognized by customers!

Non-response is viewed by the client as humiliation, while one might think it is an act with no consequences. Multiply this effect by 100 per month and you can easily see the consequences …

It is recommended that companies adopt a humanized approach to customer relations. But, how not to overdo it?
The paradox today is that in many communication channels, including digital, the customer demands a personal relationship. And, as time goes on, customer expectations in this area will increase. So, in this register, I don’t think you can do much more and it’s an important tool for diversity.

Is the Moroccan consumer playing?
It’s almost a mathematical equation. Effective customer service = loyal customer. If a brand effectively engages with its customers, the latter will not make the effort (or play the game) to stay. They stay, quite simply, because they are “in good hands”.

To show you this, here are some figures from the Observatory of Customer Services in Morocco 2021, which is a study we conduct every year to see the expectations and usage of Moroccan customers in terms of customer service.

It would appear, in fact, that 92% of respondents consider the quality of the customer relationship to be decisive in their choice and 91% of them are willing to spend more or be more loyal if they have a good customer service experience.

Is the “community” logic effective?

In some industries, a brand is able to create a “real” community. A portion of consumers who are loyal to the brand, who follow and demonstrate its values, but who also defend and advise on it. Is the strike force in this community large.

“While in some branches of activity, it is the brand that supports the birth of this community, in other sectors, on the other hand, it is self -contained and promotes the brand,” said Loubna Haji.

A fact that is considered a strong indicator of the success of the company’s strategy, the expert commented, because the promotion is carried out by these loyal customers, thus increasing the growth of the brand. The Director who manages the Customer & shopper experience at Orange insisted, for his part, that the scope of this community is very positive but can also be heavy when it comes to a community of detractors.

So the importance, he recommends, is to give as much community interest to loyal customers as to dissatisfied customers. In addition, it is an important element in measuring the relevance of a strategy, many four visitors.

Meriem Allam / ECO Inspiration

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