Finally a metaverse “for dummies”!

Matthieu Bracchetti may have sold Saharan desert ovens, North Pole refrigerators or encyclopedias to librarians. Handsome kid dressed up to the nines, smiles at his Virtual Rangers stand at Finverse, the new event organized Wednesday by Deloitte and The Dots, in Hesperange, the CEO of the start-up specializing in virtual and augmented reality, put his cards. like a royal flush of poker on the small table in front of him. He waited on the barge, alone, with his television projecting images of an environment much cleaner than the Kirchberg hospital: no one had set foot in his virtual universe.

“You can develop your product for years, not knowing that if you finally release it, the market will move. Hell the flow. So we made another bet, which involves delivering experiences at a close pace considering what’s going on, ”he explains of the overheated glass roof where Deloitte consultants were apparently excited to find an event and where VCs compared the same excitement to early days on the internet.

The CEO of Virtual Rangers made the correct diagnosis. “You can’t get into a metaverse without digital wallets and cryptocurrencies. But a lot of people don’t or aren’t very comfortable with them. How many companies have wallets and cryptocurrencies for this kind of experience? We decided to launch a metaverse where you can enter what you are and familiarize yourself with.The metaverse is still a virtual universe.

CFL and Post, first to say banco

Two Luxembourg heavyweights, CFL and Post, have agreed to “follow” the businessman on his new adventure with The Dots. Concrete, to get one of the designs there, sold for 5,000 euros for the largest and 1,500 euros for the smallest, to be able to install a “Dot”, a kind of virtual dome that the company can be customized to its liking. show the products it sells, show images, videos and even have an avatar there, able to answer questions from strangers who can connect with the universe.

Without saying much, the two big companies in Luxembourg also want to use it to find these digital talents that the country lacks.

Some institutions, such as the Digital Learning Hub launched this week and Luxinnovation, also have their “Dot” in this metaverse and a series of Luxembourg companies have finally decided. “I’m putting tourist corners, but I want to see how to integrate more with the help of the Ministry of Tourism,” he explained. When the user approaches this point, he enters through a sort of staircase with panoramas of the highlands of Luxembourg.

A metaverse can also be accessed from your phone

One media corner had to be created to promote the local press and the other was designed as a food corner. “Restaurants can be represented there, promote their menu and refer their reservation solution.”

Another particularity of this version is that there is no NFT or wallet or cryptocurrency, you can access it from a computer – like another Luxembourg project, The Duchy – but also on your phone or even your virtual reality headset. “The impact there was amazing,” the Virtual Ranger chief greedily commented. “The experience was smooth and quick,” he said.

For the debut, the Virtual Rangers metaverse can only accommodate 100 people at a time and register a few more on the waiting list, “for performance and logistical reasons”.

And if the adventure goes as well as seeing it, in full confinement, to spend three weeks in Ukraine in 2020 to get to the United States to try out the Luxembourg market and return with star-studded eyes, the Developers. add a more “following” layer to the metaverses launched in the market. Except that users already know what they are buying and why.

To get into this metaverse, here it is.

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