With Apple, Fnac Darty wants to take a new step

THURSDAY PRO // Earlier this year, the Fnac Darty group partnered with Apple to become the first third-party repairer of iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches in France. Vincent Gufflet, Director of Services and Operations at Fnac Darty, revealed issues related to this alliance.

A giant in the distribution of electronic and cultural products, as well as household appliances, Fnac Darty can rely on iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and all other Apple products to attract customers of it. But the relationship between the French group and the apple brand took on a new dimension at the start of the year. “Apple and Fnac Darty, it’s a long story. We’re the first and most important Apple partner in France. What’s new is that we’ve entered into a partnership with Apple on services, and in particular on good part “according to Vincent Gufflet, director of services and operations at Fnac Darty.

The French group, already the leading reseller of Apple products in France, has partnered with the Cupertino company to become a leading third-party manufacturer of the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. With this agreement, Fnac Darty has joined the Apple Authorized Service Center (CSAA), which allows it to offer the same services as the Apple Store.

A partnership that benefits from WeFix’s acquisition

This partnership represents an opportunity for the company led by Enrique Martinez to take advantage of the acquisition four years ago by the company WeFix, which specializes in the repair of smartphones. “What we’re missing from smartphones is express repair”, appointed Vincent Gufflet to justify this claim. Behind the latter is hidden Fnac Darty’s desire to set up corners in group stores, as well as in areas of shopping centers. Today, WeFix, which has 500 employees and claims 30,000 repairs per month, is in more than 140 points of sale.

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As part of the Apple partnership, WeFix now has access to components and various spare parts from the Cupertino company. It guarantees tracking of internal components and reassures the consumer when his device is repaired. In addition, WeFix teams must receive training in knowledge and management of Apple tools.

In addition to the repair component, the French brand has determined that Fnac Darty stores can now offer AppleCare, insurance. made by Apple. The group has shown that it can add to what it has to offer when selling smartphones, with purpose “simplify customer journey and focus on different stages of their experience”. The tricolor company already repairs 2.1 million electrical and electronic products annually, and aims to reach 2.5 million in the near future.

Darty Max, another pillar in the services group

The partnership with Apple is part of the strategy deployed by Fnac Darty to expand its service offering. It is based specifically on Darty Max, a service launched in 2019 to fix its devices indefinitely in exchange for a monthly subscription. The offer, which now has more than 500,000 subscribers, has also been enhanced with the addition of video assistance to allow the customer to stock up once a year on maintenance technicians. or the interventions to be triggered.

This approach aims to extend the service life by preventing as many breakdowns as possible. The stakes are high because Ademe (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) reports that 47 to 70% of damages and requests for assistance are under warranty due to lack of maintenance or misuse. This continuity prevention service will be available from May 12 on the Darty network and will be available from June 16 at Fnac stores. Its deployment should contribute to the group’s goal of reaching 2 million Darty Max subscribers by 2025.

Canal+, an offer that will not only make people happy

In addition to supporting customers with fixes, Fnac Darty, which has passed the 8 billion euro sales mark by 2021, is offering them other checkout offers to enhance their experience. But that doesn’t always have the desired effect… And for good reason, many customers have been complaining for weeks about finding themselves forced to subscribe to Canal+.

The complaint is more or less always the same. After purchasing Fnac or Darty, the customer finds himself done for the next 24 months on Canal +, with no possibility of ending. “We send text messages to the customer to warn him, we notify him at the time of subscription… We do everything to ensure that such a situation does not happen.assured Vincent Gufflet. The customer’s word is sacred, so if he tells us he’s not happy, we accept it as a golden letter.

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