Three students from Soutine college, in Saint-Perst, participated in the region’s final school bridge

With a table of four, thirteen cards in hand, a dozen students from Soutine college in Saint-Perst practice on the bridge twice a week. Each session will begin with revisions, before giving, quickly, to the game.

The Chartrain club has taken the initiative for eight years at Soutine college and, most recently, at three more establishments: Hélène-Boucher college, Notre-Dame college and, since this year, Marceau high school.

“In high school, they are terminals, faster. Bridge times are directly attached to lesson times. Very nice. »

Bernadette (Member of C’Chartres Bridge.)

Working with materials, “without realizing it”

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Mathematics and aids in mental calculation, concentration, teamwork, developing strategies and even mastery of English concepts, bridges have many advantages for students and have become “a real educational tool. »

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In their “daily school life, it is an asset to know how to play this card game. Not for anyone who has an agreement with the National Education and the French Bridge Federation.” A convention was rescheduled on March 15. “And then it’s another card game!” We worked on ideas without even realizing it. »

The learning bridge also allows you to work on the “relationship and trust aspects” with people from the outside. Bernadette says:

“We don’t have the same relationship with their teachers. Transmission requires a lot of pedagogy and patience, it is not given at all. Here, I’m a bit like their grandmother “

Bernadette. (Member of C’Chartres Bridge.)

Three students will climb the region

This year, “the sessions did not continue until January due to the health crisis”, explained Nadine Navarro, chief education counselor (CPE) at Soutine college.

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At the request of the students and to the adjustment of the schedules of all concerned, the frequency of sessions was increased to twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. “This is the first time and this is the only establishment that is concerned,” Bernadette added.

An ongoing run that has allowed some volunteers to advance “twice as fast”, and put themselves around the table for the 2022 school bridge regional final, now in Tours. Alexandre and Victor, 13 and 14, students of the 4th and Samuel, 12, students of the 6th, are the three representatives of the Soutine college to go to Indre-et-Loire. For Samuel, the bridge was above all “strategy. It’s a game that needs calm and I really need it. Alexandre played his first bridge shots in January.

“If someone told me, five months ago, that I was going to do a Bridge competition, I wouldn’t believe it!»

alexander (13 years)

If the pressure starts to rise, the three college students will stay cool -headed and benefit from the advice of their promoters. “You have to have a good night’s sleep to avoid quick mistakes and to maintain the concentration needed to win,” Victor said. “We will win, but above all give everything. The bridge was above all fun, Bernadette continued, even if we were hoping to put on the podium. It was a great victory. »

Jade saved

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