‘Love, Death, + Robots’ Volume 3: Netflix releases a surprise episode of the sequel to its acclaimed animated anthology series before the official release

There is only one day left to wait and fans will finally experience the long -awaited third season of the animated anthology series to the success of netflixLove, Death, + Robots“. Keep in mind that the third installment of the animated series will come on the streaming platform this Friday, May 20, 2022. However, like many fans who are excited to experience it new science fiction stories murag Netflix can’t wait eitherto share the rest of the series. In fact, the streamerOne of the first episodes was posted on YouTube yesterday . This is news that will surely delight many fans of the animated series. But then what stage is it?

“Three Robots: Exit Strategies”, the link to an episode in the first volume

Yes, it was a real surprise, because no one could have imagined that full season of season 3 in ” Love, Death, + Robots to be released on Netflix two days before its official release on the platform. In fact, the streamer decided to pre-publish the episode titled “ Three Robots: Exit Strategies to please the fans. This is the sequel to ” Three Robots », an episode from the first volumefrom the acclaimed animated anthology series.

Love, Death + Robots

This stage based on a short story by science fiction novelist John Scalzibrings us to follow again the story of the droid triowho is this walk study post-apocalyptic human survival strategies ago mankind will be completely extinguished.
You can too watch the full episode titled ” Three Robots: Exit Strategies» at the bottom of this article. On the other hand, only the original version was published on YouTube so if you want to see the French version, you have to wait a bit until tomorrow.

“Love, Death, + Robots”, how many episodes are all in season 3?

the tomo 3 from the animated series Love, Death, + Robots »Ihap nine episodes in total. there of a total of 26 episodes currently available on Netflix, in addition to the third volume. And like previous opuses, it is also tell us nine different science fiction storiessmall like another Netflix anthology series,black mirrorbut there is more action.
It does Tim Miller(Deadpool), this animated series there are five to fifteen minute episodes performed by different animation teamsfrom around the world with many genres (science fiction, fantasy, horror and comedy). Plus, all the amazing stories are told with a wide variety of animation styles go from traditional 2D to photoreal 3D CGI. Besides, David Fincherco-creator and executive producer of the series, directed an episode for this season titled “ Bad Travel who saw a shark hunting ship attacked by giant intelligent crustacean.

Love, Death, + Robots »Volume 3

Another episode, Kill Team Kill »Under the direction of Jennifer Yuh Nelsondirector of Kung Fu Panda 2and series supervisor, lead us to follow a group of American soldiers confronts an unknown enemy . For others, we allow you to discover it for yourself on Netflix when the time comes. That is since hislaunch in 2019some short films on “Love, Death + Robots»NakadaogPrimetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards.The animated anthology series has something like thisreceived a total of 11 awardsto whom8 for Best Individual Animation Success,2 for the best short animated programand1 for Best Sound Editing for Comedy or Drama Series.

Love, Death + Robots

Remember the whole“Love, Death + Robots” Volume 3will beavailable on Netflix May 20with episode “Three Robots: Exit Strategies»already on YouTube.
If not, you can check belowofficial synopsis of the third volume of “Love, Death + Robots”:

“The Emmy Award-winning animated anthology Love, Death + Robots returns with a third volume produced by Tim Miller and David Fincher. Horror, imagination and beauty combine new episodes from the discovery of an ancient bad to the point of a comedy statement, telling stunning fantasy, horror and sci-fi stories with wisdom and a characteristic visual invention ”.

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