Bataclan victim teachers crushed by National Education

On May 17, the 122nd day of the trial, the victims testified of the attack and its consequences. Among them, many teachers. They spoke the same thing. If they meet the level of support of the rector, in their establishment they are crushed by bureaucratic logic, even the most stupid.

Monday 16, I got up and went to class …

Rugby player, bon vivant, Cédric Maurin was in Bataclan on November 13, 2015. He left a beautiful account of the attack, after which, the analyzes he could make about it as a historian and a teacher. A story that honors him and also honors the profession.

In 2015, Cédric Maurin was a young history-geography teacher. He taught high school on the Seine Saint Denis. And it is as a historian that he understands and lives the attack, recording facts with the intent of restoring history. “Once we have done the history, we have a whole way of collecting and interpreting the evidence, we also know what the mechanisms of memory are and how dynamic and changing they are, especially after a trauma. This recontextualization allows me to understand the moment for what it is: an attack. It can be important in my psych follow-up and in my reconstruction “. He was able to leave Bataclan.

“On Monday the 16th, I get up and go to class to join my students”. And he lectured as if he had nothing to do with the incident. But without hiding he was a survivor. “I remind you that since World War II, the victims of wars (dead or wounded people) have been mostly civilians because the methods of warfare have changed. Well and that reassures me,” he said. ” That day, I measured in its fullest sense, the capital importance of my work. I want, by reflection, to destroy the ball of traumatic emotions in my students. I let you imagine, Mr. President, how strong it is. day for my students as well as for me. I remember all of this because my work as a History-Geography teacher was aimed at attacking Samuel Paty, abandoned by his hierarchy and thrown into the woods. , except that this time it was not insults, threats, pressure: he was beheaded for doing his job right ”.

Attack exercise: return to hell

“After a few days, I can’t get up anymore, I’m in my bed, paralyzed, unable to move and it will last forever I don’t know the time. Backlash is violent, the head says stop, The body is- as a stop. I was put on sick leave and knew what could be a bad travel companion: post-traumatic stress syndrome. “

After a few months, he resumed his work as a teacher. But he will oppose the administration of his high school. “One day in high school, I was told that we had to organize PPMS exercises, intrusion alerts, attacks, that we had to confine ourselves to classrooms with students, to go under the table.I will meet with my head teacher., told him it was impossible for me to do that, that it would be better to organize it on a day when I was not in class to avoid being absent.right, bim, back to hell : 3 months post-traumatic relapse, 3 months battle to recover.

The factory of the second class teacher

And no luck. Her psychiatrist gave her a short sick leave. In National Education that means he has not been replaced. “Result: my students had no history and geography lessons for 3 months. It made me feel guilty again and reinforced my discomfort by adding an extra layer of One day, when I called the management secretariat to warn me of changing my stop, the headmaster picked up the phone (illegally because I was on vacation) and told me to everyone, that our school was prestigious, that I should leave this school, that I have a disability and that I can do nothing there .. After 3 months, I came back and was harassed by the administration, which did not serve as a bulwark but a relay of pressure on the parents of the students: how to finish in programs, preparing for the baccalaureate, have enough marks for the term (I remember there were 3 weeks left before the marks ended and I was able to have all my classes adu nay 3 marks, I will leave you the work of correction) etc, and so on. In short, I am responsible for my resignation but in addition to the ue lack of replacement, instead of putting pressure on the rectorate it is up to me to fall. After all, I have been able to close programs more or less and my students have results that are on par with the students of other peers ”.

The administrative machine has been launched and it is not yet finished. The following year Cédric Maurin had no exam class. “I became a teacher in the 2nd zone, and this discrimination in medical records was admitted by both the manager and my colleagues: we don’t know if you will be absent or not, substitute or not, that’s their argument”.

Salvation will come from the rector. “For my part, thanks to the rectorate and after a difficult battle (which comes on top of post-trauma, the fact of continuing to work in complicated conditions) we were able to organize my working hours and I was freed from terrorist attack exercises. ” .

Cédric Maurin will also find strength in his experience. Together with his students, he launched an investigation into the Algerian war memory of families, culminating in a performance with the Théâtre de la Colline. Her experience with post-traumatic stress helped her advise her students to talk to their grandfather.

Magali was defeated in the attack exercise

Charlotte Piret, who followed the test for the France inter, said in her Twitter feed of a similar experience to a school teacher, Magali. Injured, he was hospitalized until 2016 and continued his work in the large section of kindergarten. “I will be successful in working for three years. But terrorist attacks will hurt my will”.

Magali’s testimony shares the same beliefs as Cédric Maurin’s. “I hope that one day in France, tolerance and empathy will be taught from an early age. We must learn to live together to create a better world”.

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