Together with Metaland, Highco Venturi is launching the metaverse – MMAF

A few weeks after acquiring its first land in Decentraland, HighCo VENTURI took a step forward in the real estate metaverse with the creation of HighCo METALAND.

The mission of this startup is to help brands and retailers enter the metaverse by breaking down the barriers associated with land acquisition. It thus offers tailored support for its clients to acquire and lease land, according to their objectives.

The metaverse is a more popular concept with users (The Sandbox platform has reached 2M users recently). While Sandbox and Decentraland are the best known, platforms offering experiences have proliferated in recent months (Somnium, OM, etc.) with very different audiences and experiences. While some companies have taken the plunge and invested in these virtual worlds, they remain in the minority. And for good reason: accessing the metaverse for a company remains full of challenges!

The financial challenge: transactions in crypto-currencies are irreversible, so error is not allowed, especially since the costs of land acquisition are high (between 50K and 100K euros minimum for a piece of land).

The technical challenge: not all brands are equipped with the content to buy cryptocurrencies (complicated KYC rules, “wallet management”, “gas payments”), a fortiori they find themselves disarmed to acquire and secure land in the metaverse.

The cultural challenge: which platform to choose, what experience to offer my consumers, what technical limitations? Offering a classic experience in a web3 universe can be detrimental, as consumers ’expectations are very different there.

“By allowing our customers to fully rely on us to remove technical and regulatory barriers, we will allow them to focus on creating virtual experiences and improving their web3 community. With HighCo METALAND, buying land in Metaverse has become as easy as buying a domain name for a website.Today, metaverse platforms are still in their infancy.More than a simple virtual presence, brands really need to develop a dedicated and relevant content, to make the devices of tomorrow and bring real added value to consumers. »stated Charles Fauchet, CEO of HighCo METALAND

To help them control this risk, HighCo METALAND offers customers complete support:

  • Raise awareness by organizing workshops for brands that want to better understand the metaverse and the different opportunities they offer.
  • Support land selection, according to the needs of each company.
  • Manage the various phases of crypto-currency purchase (crypto-currency purchase, transfer to wallet, study of smart-contracts that automatically determine transaction conditions, etc.).
  • Secure the property once the purchase is made.
  • For specific needs such as events, the startup offers a land rental solution, or a pop-up store, allowing them to invest in the metaverse at a lower cost. HighCo METALAND’s first land in Decentraland is now available for rent to its clients.

Thanks to its latest expertise, HighCo METALAND aims to be the benchmark for virtual land by 2022. For this, the startup is already in Decentraland, planning to extend its presence to all reference platforms, to provide more possibilities to its customers.

“For this first site, we chose Decentraland especially for its accessibility and because it is now the most decentralized platform and therefore the most compatible with the web3 community. This first milestone has passed, we look forward to our presence on all platforms because each has its advantages and community.Thus, we want to support our customers at The Sandbox so that they can create gamified experiences, while at Decentraland we favor projects around retail, fashion and events ”concluded Charles Fauchet.

To go ahead, HighCo METALAND aims to democratize metaverse access for creators, thus adding an even more community dimension to its activity. It will attract a large audience and therefore bring more value to B2B customers because installing metaverses only makes sense if the brands can reach a vibrant community there.

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