“The most important thing is the dog”

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Do you remember that feeling of emptiness when he announced the end? However, cracks, when they appear to be insurmountable, will always teach us. Dropped, delivered recounts those moments of life where it is a question of reinventing oneself to live a more beautiful life.

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Françoise was 52 when her husband of over 25 decided to leave her: “This separation, I don’t see it coming. I think I told myself that she would never dare. I always sacrificed everything for it. him. I worked for his company for free, I took care of the house and then the kids. I chose to have a part-time job just to manage it all. Undoubtedly, I thought “He can’t get through without me. ‘don’t expect him to find another woman to do it.’

She had no choice but to her ex -husband: “I have to leave the house, he won’t let me take what I want, and most of all I have to leave the dog with him. The most important thing is the dog. I don’t care that I was also involved in it. We could have organized joint custody like the children. But it was out of the question for him. I went to fight with my lawyer to know my rights. Because I thought he had violated the mark. to the dog. And I did well. “

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A welcome recognition

After more than a year of reconciliation with her lawyer, Françoise gained recognition for the work she had previously given to her ex-husband: “I got a paid allowance. I don’t think justice will take action for that. Judgment change everything for me because I realize that I have a place and I am deserving of these things .. The kids decide to stay with me and I take care of the dog. My ex . -husband doesn’t want to bother after all, when he realizes there’s no one by his side. He’s starting his life all over again, with another woman. “

Françoise is happier now: “It took time but I got rid of it. In fact, this relationship didn’t work out in a long time and I may be able to make the decision to end it all on my own. But I don’t. ‘T trust myself at all and I was afraid of losing everything, starting with my kids.Now they have all left home, but I still have a very good relationship with them.The dog is still there.I don’t I don’t want to go back because I have to to spend time with myself, for myself. “

Françoise began therapy

After the separation, she also started therapy: “I’ve been separated for over 2 years and it helped me so much that I was accompanied by a psychologist. A quarter of my life worried about the happiness of others, almost never thought about myself. or whatever movies I like. I mix my ex-husband’s preferences and this is my daily reference. Therapy has helped me see things more clearly and also to reflect on the reasons which made me I’m thrown into the relationship like that. It’s also thanks to the therapy that I know I want to be alone now. I deserved some time for me. “

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Françoise is happy now: “I have a feeling that a lot of time has been wasted but I can’t completely blame myself for this long -standing relationship with this man because it gave me these two sons. Who I love and who not really like their father.I do everything to make sure they are respectful companions and we always talk to each other, which allows me to check every day that they are on the right track.I, I have learned to do the right thing. things for me. I go to the cinema sometimes I go to the restaurant alone after separation I asked for my full time job and I got it .I did it to be financially secure but it brought me a lot of fulfillment. all, I cried for hours. But worth it. I don’t want to be anywhere else right now. I have a good life. “


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