Steelrising: A French Revolution action game inspired by Bloodborne and Jedi Fallen Order

Game news Steelrising: A French Revolution action game inspired by Bloodborne and Jedi Fallen Order

Spiders gained a bit of game reputation after the game with Action-RPG enthusiasts. After the imaginary Victorian era of Greedfall, Paris studios revisit another stage in Steelrising’s history. A revolution in France is set in 2022.

During BigBen Week organized by publisher Nacon, JV’s editorial staff attended a 30-minute presentation on Steelrising led by Spiders studios. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a chance to get this version in hand, the game is still in progress.


  • 1789: A constant French revolution
  • An Action-RPG: From Bloodborne to the Jedi Fallen Order

1789: A constant French revolution

Steelrising began in 1789 in the middle of a city of Paris that had fallen into turmoil. In this chronic version of the French Revolution, the sovereign Louis XVI, fond of automatons, imposed a curfew and suppressed bloody rebels with the help of his mechanized troops. The plot, which lasts one “night”, focuses on the character of Aegis. This dancer-automaton, who had previously performed at the Watchmaker King court, received an order to protect Marie-Antoinette against the popular insurrection.

On a bad night, the queen of the kingdom of France ordered her automated bodyguard to roam the streets of the capital in search of her creator… Eugène Vaucanson. He was the (fictitious) nephew of the inventor of automatons Jacques Vaucanson who died in 1782. For information, the latter became famous thanks in particular to the “Canard de Vaucanson” created in 1734. Although the motivations with the monarch remaining vague, Aegis goes to town.

Spiders studios promise a perfectly dignified life without crossing the sea. According to the developers, it will take between 15 and 20 hours of play to reach the end of the adventure and travel through a uchronic Paris on a “postcard”. From Saint Cloud (introduction to the game) to the Tuileries through La Cité and Les Invalides, and more. this ruined French capital and above all wrapped in history is an invitation to explore. Steelrising is arranged around several semi-open areas and encourages you to return to them. Like a Metroidvania, acquiring specific tools and / or skills opens up new avenues to explore.

An Action-RPG: From Bloodborne to the Jedi Fallen Order

Since Mars: War Logs in 2013, Spiders has focused on a particular genre, and even a sub-genre… Action-RPG, and has developed over time a specific knowledge in this field. . So Steelrising is not surprisingly an action-oriented role-playing game. However, Paris studios have been inspired in 2022 by the titles that have marked the video game in recent years. Their new creature, by their own claim, takes from Bloodborne, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and finally Nioh, and recovers some playful principles.

It must be recognized that these influences are felt, especially at the level of fights that are intended to be more coercive than before. Steelrising challenges players who don’t make difficulty the core of the experience. Even if the bestiary, which is entirely composed of automatons, can be difficult, especially for bosses, the adventure is meant to be accessible to all. Spiders incorporates an “Assist” mode intended for less experienced players to manage difficulty through multiple “à la carte” options that allow, among other things, to reduce damage, and so on.

The combat system bears a resemblance to the previously mentioned From the Software game with a mix of these attacks and combo attacks, quick dodges and parries, and stamina management. However, Steelrising freed itself from its model by adding an aerial dimension to combat and an expression of “cooling”. This automaton-specific mechanic immediately fills the stamina gauge. Be careful not to abuse it, otherwise you will remain completely frozen for a few seconds, and therefore weak.

RPG requires, the customization and the rise of the star is already there. Aegis can display multiple faces, to choose from at the start of the game (and only at the beginning of the game), and wear a variety of costumes that, beyond the purely cosmetic aspect, provide bonuses and / or penalties. . The arsenal is no exception. 7 types of melee weapons, additional members, open up a variety of opportunities to have a powerful impact on the game. All of these options, and many more, are available through “vestals” arranged within different levels. These specific areas, reminiscent of the campfires in the Souls saga and more recently in the Elden Ring, also serve as a save point.

Steelrising: A French Revolution action game inspired by Bloodborne and Jedi Fallen Order

Steelrising will be released on September 8, 2022 on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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