Release of Space Metavers, Star Chain AXII Brings New Changes

Recently, AXII Star Chain launched a service-oriented BaaS management system and updated the core algorithm to improve the Gamefi ecosystem.

Nowadays, the metaverse, NFT and GAMEFI have become popular topics, whose trading areas are very large. The technology game industry focuses on how to seize the initiative of industry relatives. The low technical proficiency that typically exists in this industry sector and the design flaws in the industry present many challenges to this ecosystem. On the other hand, the rapid advancement of blockchain technology has brought new vitality and strength to the GAMEFI industry. Meanwhile, the evolving conditions of these tech companies are worth the wait.

The plan of the AXII Star Chain is designed in a metaverse manner. This is the first virtual 3D maneuver on the Star Warship metaverse sharing platform that applies blockchain technology. The AXII Star Chain DAO organization understands the future development advantages of GAMEFI. He worked closely with two major American gaming companies, namely American Electronic Arts and The American Unique Rock Smart Fund, to build the first virtual 3D maneuvering star warship metaverse sharing platform, c ie Star Wishes • Mars exploration GAMEFI.American Electronic Arts, as a world -renowned interactive entertainment software company, has branches around the world. In addition, it also has a specific status in the field of play, with a high efficiency of technical processing ability. The technical strength of American Electronic Arts through AXII Star Chain applies a new technological advantage to the Mars exploration GAMEFI platform, built by the AXII Star Chain DAO organization.

1. Decentralized scenario application development platform

AXII Star Chain is a public chain under high-speed cross-chain asset circulation, which adopts multi-chain consensus, multi-chain parallelism, multi-hybrid and inter-chain identification mechanism and exploitation system atoms. The star chain is a kind of blockchain background ecosystem, whose point-to-point currency transfers can be implemented through currency transfer protocols, with characters such as high performance, high throughput and fast security. Therefore, an ecologically decentralized application development scenario that can support multiple industry sectors is built at the bottom layer of the multi-chain.

The organizational alliance of AXII Star Chain and American Electronic Arts demonstrates the beneficial position of Star Wishes • Mars Exploration GAMEFI. The decentralized eco-friendly application development scenario platform that can support multiple industry sectors is integrated into the AXII Star Chain plan, managed by the integrated chain’s interactive operating environment, formed through the use of its integrated technological advances. This cross-platform integrated operating environment provides a complete set of development tools. It is open to developers and provides one-stop technical support for the NFT product development tool flow.

2. Innovation and upgrade of the core algorithm system

The AXII Star Chain team broke away from traditional thinking and made a fundamental improvement at the algorithm level. He developed a unique series of basic system algorithms, including random node selection, conversion of discrete objects to continuous objects, simultaneous consensus, original asynchronous order, linear scalability, network layers multi-hidden, clutter/balance judgment. The algorithm combined with the new consensus mechanism achieved the best performance in the AXII Star Chain. After repeated deductions through numerous tests and verifications, ten million individual TPS value levels were finally presented, providing strong technical support and strong performance guarantee for to develop commercial application. . As a result, the popularity of decentralized business application on the AXII Star Chain development platform has landed, and the upcoming AXII Star Chain blockchain business application system will be developed.

The AXII Star Chain plan produces a unique series of basic algorithm systems from a technical level. Success in the field of algorithms will definitely give AXII Star Chain a technical lead. The system provides strong technical support and strong performance guarantee for commercial application development, further reducing the risk of the AXII Star Chain.

Adopting one-stop service concept

The concept of one-stop service is adopted by the AXII Star Chain developer platform. In addition, a 7 * 24 quick response mechanism is also applied. Independently developed service-oriented BaaS (blockchain means service) management system for all applications, the system integrates many functions, such as all-day automatic synchronization with PC mobile device, intelligent transmission on demand, intelligent monitoring of progress.

AXII Star Chain plans to independently develop a service-oriented BaaS management system from a service perspective to provide users with a new service experience. Innovation in the field of service brings new vitality and energy to the AXII Star Chain.

The potential for growth in metaverse space is enormous. The AXII Star Chain plan demonstrates the advantages of these prospects such as developing scenario applications, modifying and upgrading the core algorithm system, and adopting the one-stop service concept. American Electronic Arts is supporting this game project with mature technology. Based on the state of the technical ability of American Electronic Arts and the new gaming thinking of the AXII Star Chain, users are excited to see how the AXII Star Chain develops in the future.

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