“Our ambition is to be in the 30 largest cities in France by 2025” Stéphanie Orrico (Woko)

Stéphanie Orrico is in charge of development for the WOKO brand: she agreed to talk to us here about the concept and its development, and the group’s expectations and ambitions in the coming years.


Fast casual fast food concept from Vietnamese street food

WOKO is an invitation to travel through authentic Vietnamese street food dishes. A fresh dish full of flavors, ready to order.

Can you introduce yourself and your brand?

I am Stéphanie Orrico, development manager of the WOKO group, which creates the WOKO, WAO and Beau & Bun brands.

WOKO is an Asian fast casual fast food brand: a true “Viet canteen”. The first concept was created in 2006. It was actually in 2009, when the two co-founding brothers-Minh-Duc and Minh-Kiet TRUONG-won the Unibail Rodamco Young Designers Prize, that the adventure really began. their first construction of a shopping center at La Part-Dieu in Lyon. Today, WOKO has 12 restaurants in France, including a franchise restaurant in Bordeaux, which opened in 2019.

WOKO to:

  • more than 15 years of branch experience: proven knowledge> development of management tools, processes, fast food management experience.
  • different offers to please the whole family: kids menu, salad bun, pho soup, burger bun, pad thai etc … and of course, bubble tea!
  • premium locations, able to handle a large flow of customers at the same time thanks to fast service, order terminals and very well-defined operation processes. WOKO’s business model makes it possible to set up premium locations with high rents, and to make a profit!

Why did you choose franchise development?

The franchise’s growth began as an opportunity in 2019 thanks to a WOKO employee who loved the brand and wanted to start his own business. By the end of 2021, the desire to develop franchises has been confirmed: recruitment of a development manager, and implementation of communication and development actions to find future franchisees and WOKO locations.

WOKO wants to continue its branch restaurants in the Lyon region because management is facilitated by the proximity of the company’s main headquarters in Villeurbanne.

We want to continue our growth outside of our historic region with independent entrepreneurs who guarantee the quality of their establishment.

Who is your competitor and how do you stand against it?

All so -called “fast casual” restaurant brands are our competitors! However, by 2021, WOKO will be the second largest restaurant in Asia (excluding sushi) according to Neorestauration magazine’s TOP 40 ranking of fast -paced casual restaurant brands.

We also have indirect competitors with restaurant models close to WOKO, but burger and pizza restaurants …

We stand out from our competitors in our ability to offer:

  • An offer for all hours of the day, thanks to the Bubble Tea corner.
  • An offer for everyone: students, employees, families …

Where are you in your progress?

We continue to grow branches and franchises. We also make two other brands: Beau & Bun and WAO. WAO opened its restaurant in Lyon in March 2022, and will also become a franchise.

We already have five openings planned between 2022 and 2023.

What are your goals for 2022-2023? And eventually?

We have a target of three to five openings per year. For WOKO, our ambition is to be in the 30 largest cities in France by 2025.

Do you have international projects?

No, we want to stay across the country for now.

What profile are you looking for in your candidates?

We are open to different types of candidate profile: entrepreneurs, investors. We believe that profiles can sometimes be complementary to others and lead to interesting associations. (example: an operational and an investor).

Restaurant management experience is required to manage groups of between 15 and 30 people.

We are looking for people who can invest at least € 100,000 to start a franchise.

Beyond skills and financial support, above all we are looking for personalities who share WOKO values, and who are willing to express them.

What is a candidate’s journey from first contact to opening? How did he get along?

To apply, if the candidate meets our selection criteria, we quickly organize a video or face-to-face meeting with the founder to discuss values ​​and identify each other’s interests. .

If interest is confirmed, we organize a day of discovery with an observation of a restaurant, and a presentation on the financial elements of the head office.

Then it’s time to sign the DIP and local search. We validated the location together thanks to our experience.

Then follow a training of at least 3 months at a school site.

How is the training?

Training is at the point of sale for the practical part, and a theoretical part at headquarters. The franchisee must be able to master all positions in the restaurant. He should also be able to manage the financial side, human resources, stocks, customer relations, etc.

What tools and services do you provide to your franchisees?

We have our own business plan tool for analyzing the financial relevance of a project and its location.

We offer many day-to-day management tools: stock, finance, cleanliness, delivery and click and collection software.

We share our knowledge in a detailed operating manual, to give the franchisee all the keys to success.

Finally, we provided them with an operational communication kit to identify them quickly and efficiently in their catchment area.

How is network animation?

We have three people who manage the animation on our network. They divided the establishments according to the geographical area in which they were built. They make frequent visits and go to sales points without a manager. The network is operated via an extranet.

Are they involved in developing your brand? If so, how?

Yes, they are involved in brand development, especially at the operational and managerial levels. They helped write and refine the operating manual.

Who is the ideal franchisee for you?

The ideal WOKO franchisee would be a restaurant supervisor or manager of a large fast food chain. He wants to have more freedom to open his own restaurant. He wanted to be involved in the operation and in the management. He has good interpersonal skills to manage his team and create a real customer relationship. This is someone who wants to provide a healthier alternative to the traditional fast food offering.

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