Nearly € 20 million of works have been inaugurated by high schools

Kamel Chibli, the Region’s vice president in charge of education, guidance, youth and sports, and Mostafa Fourar, rector of the Toulouse academy, went to Tarbes to “cut the ribbons”, after many years of great works of these two. establishments.

On less than a summer day, between the two inaugurations, officers and elected officials walked to Lautréamont high school and Jean-Dupuy high school, to “take the measure” of campus for a second. university center of Toulouse academy, which is awaiting the concreting of the project to create a technological university, which is well underway. Both schools will play their full part, starting with the Lautréamont trades school, the work being inaugurated at the end of the morning. The existing building has been extensively renovated, including the creation of a state-of-the-art conference room (instead of the former application rooms), the relocation of the faculty room and administrative offices. to have comfort and create a reception center for students especially to promote the integration of those with disabilities. “Redistribution of spaces improves traffic flow and functionality and offers better working conditions for students and staff,” explained headmaster Vanessa Tambuté-Calais, which is “around the owner”.

The first creamer-cheese maker training in France

The expansion work enabled the construction of a building for the CAP dairyman-cheese maker. As Kamel Chibli, the Vice-President of the Region in charge of education, guidance, youth and sports, underlined, “this establishment is a reference. The 4.5 M € investment for strengthening the offer training, responding to the economic and tourist needs Beyond the Occitan territory, and promoting local products and producers with charm in the cheese sector ”. For his part, the rector of the Toulouse academy Mostafa Fourar highlighted the “beauty of the establishment, including students from other departments” and “international visibility” by congratulating its director. Cyrille Courade, former head of the establishment, who accompanied the implementation of the dairyman-cheesemaker training, is “the first in France”.

A rainwater collection system in the basement

Like a hyphen between the two inaugurations, the rector’s collaborator, former head of Lautréamont, will return to Tarbes next year to appear on Jean-Dupuy’s head. The professional, general and technology high school, a former seminary “unused for half a century” that was rehabilitated under former minister Jean-Dupuy into a national professional school, has also gone through and profound changes that have become a bridge between the modern and the ancient. As chief executive Christophe Perron and his deputy Gilles Lannier said, almost € 14 million has been invested in, among other things, creating a safe passage with the development of an esplanade. , separate technical and scientific buildings, repair gymnasium, outside. courtyards and the sports area with the installation of a system of huts for rainwater retrieval in the basement, and finally the amphitheater. If the site is not always a long calm river, “the result is very nice” pleased the vice president of the Region. And the construction potential is still significant, as the new rector is talking about a project to open up nuclear training, which is related to the political will to develop the hydrogen sector. There is still a lot of work for the new principal …

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