Mathieu is sick, it’s the end, his relatives are worried!

Mathieu de l’Amour was seriously ill in the grass, all the details about the bad illness he had suffered. His relatives pondered the end.

In fact, after an MRI, the news is even better for Mathieu that love is in the past. But the pain is still there and Mathieu dreams of finding a partner with her husband Alexandre so that she can no longer face her grief alone.

Alexandre lived with a serious illness

By engaging with Love in the pasture, Alexandre wants to find love.

When he met Mathieu, obviously. The two men went crazy in love, ended up filming together, came back for review and said yes to a lifetime on the occasion of their marriage.

But Mathieu’s life is full of pitfalls, he suffers from a serious and unknown disease, Cadasil disease.

In the 20-minute columns, he didn’t hesitate to talk about it, recurrence of symptoms (violent migraines, increased risk of epileptic seizures or strokes) and its impact on his life expectancy: “The life expectancy for my illness is 62, I’m 44, so you can do the math easily. ” The child examined the evolution of the disease and, after a controlled MRI, he responded to Internet users:

“There are no injuries, so there is no change in the term of injuries compared to last year. On the other hand, there are hyper signals in the white matter, which means the pain is always there. ”The pain is still there, but Mathieu says there is no significant aggravation of the lesions. It’s more positive, even if I wish I didn’t have it. ”

Mathieu and Alexandre (Love is in the grass): a life as a couple despite illness

Mathieu and Alexandre say yes to each other and are well aware that their story will only last for a while, due to Mathieu’s illness. However, there is no question for Alexandre to leave the man he loves.

He also prepares it every day: “For my part, I don’t show anything. But I know that there will be times when I have to change her diapers (…) This is the stage before the last round ”.

The disease sometimes develops in a shocking way and has consequences on the mental health of its host: “I have anxiety attacks”.

Already, this disease has bipolarity and depression as side effects. That’s why I treat myself for bipolarity, ”Mathieu revealed. Alexander then explains: “When we met, he didn’t know he was bipolar. And every morning, I get up, I don’t know who I’m going to meet in front of me. Will I have the happy Mathieu or the angry Mathieu? Now that the diagnosis has been made and Mathieu is undergoing treatment, “the days are much faster”.

Mathieu wants to find a mate for her husband

It may sound strange, but it’s a real testament to the love for Mathieu. Knowing she will be destroyed, she refuses to leave the man she loves alone, devastated and broken.

His dream? That she would see someone who would face the great hardship that awaited her: “She will never marry again, at least that is what she told me. I would have looked for him before he left, so that he would be happy, that he is not alone ”. Alexandre loses by playing the humor card: “Now start searching, if you can give it a try”.

Mathieu Love is in the pasture

Mathieu and Alexandre (Love is in the grass): If she wanted to emphasize humor, Alexandre didn’t hide it, she was afraid for the rest of her life without her husband: “It could be more complicated”, she admits to Jordan of Luxury. He admitted it to Jordan de Luxe. “We’ve already talked about it. He told me ‘you have to find someone’ but it will take me a long time ”.

On both sides, it is a beautiful display of sincere and pure love. Mathieu and Alexandre are not ready to leave each other and seem willing to spend all the time they have together. Even if Mathieu had to keep thinking, in her head, of the ideal man she could leave her husband, once the illness was over.

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