Hound Dog, a troublesome dog

Inspired by the title of a song by Elvis Presley (obviously the music means a lot to him), cartoonist Nicolas Pegon takes us into the depths of America, for a story that is somewhat delusional and above all reveals a state of the spirit typical of our time.

The story features two missing people, César and Alex (whose names have to wait on page 59), with no real relationship. César (giant, in his forties, black, bearded, bearded but very bald) woke up one morning with a dog he had never seen in his house. In his house also lives a young man (his son?) Who spends his time immersing himself in virtual reality games. It was impossible to trust him to inform her. There was no lead even on Alex’s side, red mustache with a beer -drinking belly and no one but his neighbor. The dog that embarrassed them more than anything, César and Alex put it on their heads to return it to its rightful owner. Keep in mind, though, that this dog isn’t really like the sad basset hound suggested in the title. The explanation may come from the fact that, obviously, our duo knows more about Elvis Presley’s repertoire than about the physical characteristics of dogs. In addition, Alex did not hesitate to describe dog owners as assholes, citing Vladimir Poutine as an example (information that I leave full responsibility to the designer, who knows that at present, a qualification that is not important no longer deserves to be ridiculed. liar, butcher of Ukrainians with a shocking capacity for nuisance). We notice in the past that Alex doesn’t seem to get along with a lot of people …

A necessary investigation

Chance puts César and Alex in the path of the dog owner. However, this did not solve their problem, because this man was already dead. To be honest, this would especially add a portion to the problem, as they soon suspected that this man had been murdered. Wanting to give the dog to the relative, they are here in the position of two improvised investigators.

Early in the 21st century

What Nicolas Pegon suggests is to travel deep into America today. In this country of wide open spaces, one can live and die in total indifference. By the way, the message may be better because the plot is set in the United States, but the search for loneliness and indifference can be shifted anywhere in the world today. This world is sad (like Naghadla iro) and the colors chosen by the designer perfectly reflect it (the decorations should match, see cover illustration). In this world, it is common to speak of a vacuum. The world of advertising is there, with its tinsel (billboards, very present) and its words taken with a grain of salt given all the slogans trying to make us believe within the decades. The trait our duo examined was one of individuals with more or less returns from all, living alone in a house with his dog. We believe he would be more comfortable with animals than men.

Halfway through a style

Despite its 200 pages, the album is easy to read, especially since it doesn’t include too much text, considering the choice of a moody atmosphere (the characters are portrayed with a tendency to be bad) humor) and rather large drawings in general (with a base of three strips per plate and no more than two thumbnails per strip). With his smooth line, Nicolas Pegon flirts with character style with clear line. However, with a certain taste in working with shadow play, the draftsman in some cases loves to mark shapes beyond lines by blackening areas. On the other hand, his work on the general atmosphere is done by a series of touch. After this dog was nowhere to be found, we had a virtual reality gamer who seemed to spend all his time having fun there, the medical specialists César continued to consult because he became numb in one arm. , while he always got the same opinion: he had nothing. We also have a woman with an androgynous body who already lives in a post-apocalyptic world. And then, of course, we have someone who is being investigated by the two of us and who lives alone that getting a testimony about him is a happy combination of circumstances. We also noticed that the characters we encountered in our duo almost all wore masks of impunity.

Some are no small observations

Finally, we noticed that if his ideas were good, the designer chose a prologue that had no direct link to the body of the album’s account. The link however is made of something and what it brings, as well as the state of mind it puts forward. Similarly, Nicolas Pegon ends the album with a look back, the only way to understand what really happened during the tragedy. Finally, the link to Elvis Presley is at the level of fantasies, as well as some details. We think of his nickname (Le king), when the gamer announces that in his game, he is the king of the world.

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