He earned Rs 1.9 M after an accident at work – Jean Alain Mootoosamy turned penguin: “My life will never change again”

Victim of a work accident in 2018, Jean Alain Mootoosamy, 57, lost his right hand. He was already having a hard time finding a job. He claimed damages of more than Rs 7 million from his former employer before the Supreme Court.

A victory? Not so much. But at least, this money will allow her to spend on the education of her two children, because she is not working. Jean Alain Mootoosamy, 57, got Rs 1.9 million after an agreement with his former employer on May 5. He dragged him to the Supreme Court, seeking damages of Rs 7,484,520 after a work accident he lost his right hand.

“This money wasn’t enough for what I was going through,” said Jean Alain Mootoosamy. The day his life changed, he remembered like yesterday. However, this father of a 13-year-old girl and a 9-year-old boy confided, “I try as much as I can to forget… in vain. My life will never change. This accident left a scar for the rest of my life.

June 15, 2018. Jean Alain Mootoosamy is at his workplace in Terre-Rouge. He worked as a “machine operator” at a company working on making PVC pipes. That day, his job was to clean a blender. “While I was cleaning the machine, I stumbled upon a wet floor. I lost my balance, my right hand fell under the machine, ”he said.


Seriously injured, he was rushed to Dr AG Jeetoo hospital in Port-Louis. The X-ray revealed that several bones in his right hand were broken. The 50-year-old underwent surgery in which four of his fingers were amputated. All that was left was his grandfather.

After four months in hospital, Jean Alain Mootoosamy was allowed to return to his home. But his life is no longer the same. Suffering from severe pain, he underwent a second operation in June 2019. His right hand was immediately amputated. In addition to physiotherapy, he also underwent treatment at the hospital.

“I have to take care, help get dressed. Due to his disability, he can no longer play sports. Or bike or motorbike. As a tragedy not to come alone, his wife Marie, who has been single-handedly providing for the family’s needs since her accident, lost her job in November 2019, the company she worked for. closing its doors. Jean Alain Mootoosamy then tried to find work within his former company. Due to his health condition, he will return empty -handed.

He wants to work again

Since January 2020, Jean Alain Mootoosamy has had a prosthesis. Adaptation takes time, he said. He did everything to get there, especially as he wanted to be able to work again. He said he applied for a job as a security guard last year. “I still hope to get this job. Jean Alain Mootoosamy wants to be able to support his wife. “He never lost heart. He was a warrior and I wanted to follow his example. Despite the fact that the company he worked for closed, he immediately found another job. She is in the cleaning business. »

My wife and children are always with me.

The family can only rely on the disability pension of Rs 14,000 he received. “Now I don’t receive social assistance. Caritas, still in her fifties, helped them. “Without Caritas, it would have been difficult to get through. »

All these difficulties would have overwhelmed him. On the contrary, his family, says Jean Alain Mootoosamy, is a rock for him. It was because of his wife’s unconditional love and support that he said he regained the zest for life and resumed his daily activities. “My wife and children are always with me. They supported me very much and helped me overcome this very painful ordeal. »

The test

On May 23, 2019 Jean Alain Mootoosamy appealed to the Supreme Court to seek damages of Rs 7,484,520. His complaint was directed against his former employer and Mauritius Union Assurance Co. Ltd (MUA), which assures employees.

In his complaint, Jean Alain Mootoosamy accused the company of failing to meet its obligations to ensure the safety of its employees by providing them with adequate equipment to prevent such an incident from occurring. He retains the services of My Vikash Rampoortab and Bebakur Rampoortab (promising).

On May 5, 2022, on appeal at trial before Judge Shameen Hamuth Laulloo, Me Emilie Doger de Speville, who replaced Me Patrice Doger de Speville, Senior Counsel, announced that an agreement could be reached between at parties. I am Vikash Rampoortab confirming his statements, the judge agreed to the agreement.

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