Failed to come up or good idea? This clothing brand is leading the metaverse through a partnership with Roblox

Gap has partnered with Roblox for a new metaverse experience.

The Gap is deepening in the metaverse thanks to a new partnership with a very popular digital gaming platform.

The specialist apparel retailer launched a no-buy virtual experience in the Roblox virtual gaming environment on Friday, May 20, 2022. In partnership with youth technology platform SuperAwesome, Gap integrated the experience with Club Roblox, a role -playing, user -created world built by Roblox.

Gap designed the virtual “Roblox Club Store” as a metaverse version of a Gap Teen brick-and-mortar store. The virtual store will allow consumers to participate in digital activities such as participating in Gap Teen’s fashion show mini-game, “Style Stage”, which allows users to create Gap Teen outfits based on another -different themes.

Users can also visit a virtual juice bar and photobooth inside the store to take photos of their Roblox avatar, as well as their friends. Metaverse replicas of the current Gap Teen collection will be on offer, including summer items.

Gap began its metaverse commerce operations in January 2022 with the worldwide launch of various non-fungible collectible tokens (NFTs) with a gamified digital experience. At the time, Gap said it planned to learn more about how customers want to participate in a digital-first environment, with more digital experiences planned for the future.

Gap’s latest entry into the metaverse follows in the footsteps of many other retailers who have set up promotional and retail experiences on the Roblox platform. Pacsun recently opened a unique Roblox interactive mall called Pacworld.

American Eagle Outfitters launched the Spring 2022 “Members Always” campaign with metaverse extensions on platforms like Roblox. Customers mostly visited the “AE Members Always Club” section of the Livetopia Roblox game while collecting exclusive in-game items, including models from American Eagle’s Spring Collection, to wear with their avatars.

In December 2021, Forever 21 launched a similar fashion retail experience at Roblox, titled “Forever 21 Shop City”. In December, Ralph Lauren also launched a holiday -themed digital promotion, The Ralph Lauren Winter Escape, at Roblox.

“We want Gap youth to feel represented and connected in an inclusive Gap world with an immersive and unique fashion experience that gives them the freedom to experiment with their individual style and be their real selves, in real life and in this expanding digital universe, ”said Mary Alderete, Global Head of Marketing at Gap.“ Engaging teens where they live and play at Club Roblox provides them another way to interact more and express themselves in new ways. »

“The digital identity of this generation is quickly becoming as important to them as their real -life identity,” said Nick Walters, CEO of SuperAwesome Gaming. “We are excited to bring our expertise in safe digital engagement to a young audience to help Gap launch a new immersive experience that will allow teens to connect with their favorite fashion brand in Club Roblox .Like the trend in “real life”, this partnership encourages players to be creative, express their digital identity, and check out their unique style while having fun. »

Beginning May 20, 2022, the Gap experience will be available worldwide within the Roblox Club, for all age groups. To visit it, click here.

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