Do you know the poisonous “push and pull” method to find love?

No, playing with distant people to attract your loved one and tender future to you will not have the desired effect. Chances are you’ll be scared of him! And if by chance you come across someone who adopts this technique: run away! In love, sincerity is the new sex.

The “push and pull”, method of amateur seducers

The method of ” push and pull “, pretty simple in French our good old” run away from me I’m you, next to me I’m you run away “, accompanied by a good dose of sentimental manipulation. Just reading these words, most of us roll our eyes, already tired of this roller coaster of emotions that our hearts can do without. However, on YouTube as well as social networks and platforms teaching temptationcalled seduction experts who are only professionals in what they express continue to express this approach, which is presented as a necessity of persuasion.

“The principle, explained Rachael Lloyd, eharmony romantic relationship expert in an interview with Metro UK, is that single women graciousness constantly approached and showered with compliments, making it difficult for men to seduce. ” Therefore, self-advise “dragging artists” to “behave in a counter-intuitive way to get the attention of these women.” The expert continues: “The idea is to combine a positive statement or action with a negative one, in order to keep the received energy and their toes.” Doesn’t that really inspire confidence? Neither are we, and you’re right because the process doesn’t stop there.

Once the first exchange is over, the amateur seducer will establish a relationship of trust, deep exchange… before disappearing for a while, adopting the technique of cricketing. Hurt and alone, you begin to slowly rebuild yourself thinking you have fallen victim to a ghost. Here our manipulative protagonist chooses to return, looking for a bad excuse for his disappearance. And with a flick of a finger, you’ll find yourself on the rollercoaster of conflicting feelings again, until one of you decides it’s over. Be that person, before you come out even more fat.

“Pushing and pulling”, is a practice that doesn’t go away

In search of love with a capital A, there is no question that amateur seducers will only occupy your heart for a while, before it breaks down and throws you back into the loneliness you no longer want. If you see your crush go away every time you approach, and try to catch up with you when you lower your arms and walk away, red alert: this one -story seems pointless. Don’t waste your time, choose instead new meetings more sincere. nothing healthy relationships not built on manipulating others. To get out of this vicious circle, it’s good to have a few techniques!

First step, identify any negative comments or behaviors and challenge them. Challenge your partner to this point and ask him or her why he or she feels the need to humiliate you.

And if there is no change, listen to your instinct, this is your best ally: is it in your heart that this relationship has no future, that you are not happy? Maybe it’s time to end it. To give you the confidence you need, Rachael Lloyd recommends connecting with people who trust you. They can be friends or family members. The expert added that by sharing your experience, you are breaking the circle of isolation created by these “push and pull” enthusiasts.

Not only do you deserve to be loved, but most of all you will be loved right. Protect your heart by separating yourself from these amateur seducers, to dedicate it to a sincere person, who knows how to take care of it.

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