Discover Metakicks, the most anticipated NFT collection of today from Sneakmart and StockX

As the NFT and Web3 markets continue to grow, unique players like Sneakmart are implementing their little revolution by mixing the digital and physical universes. This is the case with Metakicks, the first collection of NFT sneakers as part of the development of young start-ups.

Sneakers and NFTs, a parallel world?

Sneaker brands rarely develop certain models to transform popular pairs into real collector’s items, which everyone is looking for. The perfect example: Nike Air Jordan 1 High. This model personified the best player, Michael Jordan, and helped change a simple name. brand known to all.

In fact, sneaker brands develop occasionally by regularly releasing limited editions. Some have a few tens of copies, others tens of thousands. Today, the resale of sneakers is a huge revenue market worth more than $ 6 billion. Collectors and amateurs buy and resell on the secondary market at high prices these pairs of sneakers in limited editions.

Still don’t see NFT compatibility?

With the advent of Web3 and the expansion of NFTs, the trend is likely to digitize and pairs of sneakers will be the first to be affected. In fact, in the real world like the virtual world, our appearance as an important part of our social life. It can be used as an expression of our personality or group affiliation, especially with Gen Z. It didn’t take long for Sneakmart to figure it out.

The young French startup Sneakmart, a mobile application dedicated to street clothes, understands this phenomenon very well. According to them, the similarity between buying a pair of physical sneakers to selling them again later very close to buying a “digital” pair » to collect or resellat a higher price afterwards.

Crypto NFT projects are all the rage right now, but the space can be a bit confusing. The number of NFT projects is increasing at an exponential rate, but many of them are sometimes questionable. Sneakmart decided to take the time to put together a well -done project, which does not contain a a shot »For a start but the beginning of a new movement to develop his community.

The startup plans to re-inject the gains made to internationalize its app, develop its unique features, as well as build new collaborations and create new long-term events. for Metakicks owners.


15 unique designs created by a group of enthusiasts

Created by the Sneakmart team 15 designs unique 3D animated sneakers, with backgrounds also animated in 3D, using different shapes, textures, materials and colors. Everyone is inspired by the years spent buying, selling and collecting pairs of iconic sneakers. These 15 designs will be randomly distributed in Metakicks boxes and classified according to different levels on a rare basis: Legendary, Epic, Super Rare, and Rare. Of the 15 designs, there are 1 “Legendary”, 4 “Epic”, 5 “Super Rare” and 5 “Rare”, with different numbers depending on the rare level. Rarely are classified according to different pair designs, taking into account the texture, shape and materials used.

Why Metakicks will be one of the best collections of 2022

In a world where everything is rapidly evolving, the first drop Metakicks mao the project to followfor this year 2022. It unites a community of enthusiasts. Among them were users of the Sneakmart application who participated in the project by participating in it.

In addition to the community, the Metakicks project has attracted many people internationally with an interest in NFTs.

Sneakmart didn’t hesitate use the properties of the universe street clothes for his first collection . In addition to acquiring sneakers in the form of NFTs for a certain amount, investors have access to several cumulative advantages: exclusive access to street clothes limited and at cost, the use of NFTs in the metaverse tomorrow, exclusive access to merchandise, physical sneakers and more.


A StockX collaboration: 625 physical pairs to be won

On occasion at first drop Metakicks, Sneakmart has partnered with StockX, the world’s leading marketplace street clothes with over 30 million monthly active users. The StockX ranks mind official physical companionfrom the first drop Metakicks. This connection between a giant of street clothes and a young start-up shows that there are many more innovations and concepts to be developed in the market.

Metakicks and StockX logos

We can’t talk about mystery box sneakers that don’t offer “real” physical gifts. 625 real pairs of sneakers hidden inside boxes related to some Metakicks (NFT digital pair hidden in mystery box). In addition to getting digital sneakers, you can possibly win a pair of trendy sneakers. Different designs will be included, from the latest colorways to Jordan 1 High, to Nike Dunk Low, Jordan 4, and Adidas Yeezy 350 .

For luck, Sneakmart also hid two pairs of Jordan 1 Dioras well as the two Jordan pairs in collaboration with Travis Scott , extremely limited sneaker models. Overall, it’s more than that € 200,000 physical sneakersto be distributed through it first dropMetakicks. Winners of these physical pairs will be able to choose their size and deliveries will be made worldwide. StockX . One way for Sneakmart to hook its community and the crypto community.


This means you have a 10% chance of winning a trendy physical sneaker, which is more than 20 times higherrather than the chance to buy a pair of limited edition sneakers when they are released. Once you open your Metakicks Mystery Box, you will know which Metakicks you will receive and you can also check if you have won a physical pair. Note that Metakicks (digital pairs) do not appear to be associated with physical pairs, they are only data written in the NFT Metakicks contract. In addition to this 10% chance, Sneakmart and StockX will jointly offer exclusive “phygital” gifts by Metakicks a great way for them to attract sneaker lovers around the world.

Unique “1 on 1” editions of Metakicks

For this drop, football players teamed up with the Metakicks project to create unique designs. Many personalities like Didier Drogba, Kinsley Coman, Thilo Kehrer, or even Marco Verrattihave a unique edition ” 1 to 1of Metakicks personalized with their effigy. Made in collaboration with them, these digital sneakers will be auctioned on the Openea platform in the past drop .

The lucky owners of these Metakicks will also have the chance to see some VIP matches, sign things or even meet the player behind this collaboration.

Other players, such as former striker Didier Drogba, want to bring a charitable aspect to the project by donating money collected to associations.

Each pair is from a specific universe and will allow luck to hold its stand in the digital world. The iconic pair to play football in the metaverse!


Sneakmart will also unveil a series of “1 on 1” Metakicksin collaboration with brands and the Web3 community. Started with “Knowledge of Paris», French designer of handmade custom sneakers. “Savoir-Faire” has its own Metakicks. The lucky owner of this collaboration will receive his Metakicks digital pair and his “Jordan 1 Off-White Coffee Latte” specially designed for drop by Savoir-Faire Paris. In 2019, Pierre Gueguen created Savoir-Faire, his own tailor-made sneakers workshop. His knowledge especially attracted DJ SNAKE and rugby player Macalou Sékou who he made personalized sneakers. All “1 on 1” special editions of Metakicks are expected before the drop in the main collection, based on an Opensea auction system.

@savoirfaieparis @gawmess

Sneakmart is an application made by enthusiasts, for lovers of street clothes

Sneakmart is the first community app dedicated to street clothes (sneakers, clothing and accessories). Originally launched in France in January 2021 as a mobile application on iOS and Android, the young start-up now has more than 150,000 French-speaking members registered on its app. Users come here to interact with the community around this sneaker/streetwear sphere, but also to buy and sell very simply.

At Sneakmart, we are enthusiastic. We started Sneakmart for a reason and that reason is our love for sneakers. We have been collecting, buying and selling sneakers since our childhood. Now, with MetaKicks, we want to give sneakerheads a chance to get into the metaverse with something they love so much: sneakers. said Anthony Debrant, CEO and Founder of Sneakmart

Now the young French shoot has the ambition to be the world’s first communitystreet clothesintegrating Web2 and Web3 functionality. The application will soon be available in other countries.

Metakicks: When and where will it come out?

6,250 boxes of Metakicks will be available for purchase on the official Sneakmart website in June 2022 on the Ethereum blockchain. Join the Sneakmart community today at Discord, Twitter or directly in their app so you don’t miss anythingdropexclusive and unique!

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