Death in Love is in the pasture after a car accident

Here is the very sad news for this Love candidate who is in the past, hit to death after a car accident. Objeko’s editorial team tells you all about this article.

Love is in the pasture: a new era will begin soon

Love is in the pasture soon to return to us for a new season, and our mouths are already watering. For 18 years now, the French in the cities have been fond of the French in the countryside. Contrary to what movies like Strip Tease might get us thinking, it’s not just about rude mom guys! There are also weak little hearts, men and women, heterosexual or homosexual, who are only looking for one thing in life: true love. Of course, it’s harder when you live away from everything, and you work all the time at hard work.

Originally presented by Valérie Mounier and Alessandra Sublet, the show L’amour est dans le pré has experienced a real resurgence of interest in its fifth season thanks to the amazing Karine Le Marchand. He has held the position since the fifth season The host did such a good job with the farmers that he became a favorite host of the French!

After the 2020 and 2021 seasons hit by the incarceration period, the M6 ​​is ready to repeat what it did this year. And the audience is there! Pictures of the candidates, released in February, have already released the passions. We are now looking forward to the speed-dating broadcast, which should come to our screens soon. The Objeko team will of course let you know!

A new era different from the others

As usual, the program L’amour est dans le pré tries to refresh its concept. And this time, they were hit hard! In fact, the next season will make us follow a double dating at least not often. They are Jean-Paul and Emmanuelle, who are father and daughter. Both work in the family winery, and both are looking for love.

It was a challenge taken with courage for the Love participant in the pasture. Asked by our colleagues from Télé Star about the possible difficulty of accepting suitors into the house, he said: “Absolutely not. Although we were very complicit, our private life was divided. I was 42 years old! My dad didn’t. knows everything I do and I don’t even know what he does. ”

Can Jean-Paul speak? Once again, the candidate was closed: “He always gives his opinion, even if I don’t ask him! But that doesn’t judge me. “

At Objeko, we aspire to discover these two most unusual Love participants are in the pasture! We can’t fail to share their journeys with you on our pages.

Love is in the pasture: he died in a car accident

While the next season of Love is on the grass almost to the tip of its nose, Cyril Hanouna and his entire team from Touche Pas à Mon Poste invited former candidates from the show to their set. . Among them was Jean-Michel, who participated in the sixth season. The farmer likes a Nathalie, but her love does not turn into a lasting relationship. Since his time on the show, Jean-Michel has had a painful fate. The Love candidate is in the past especially having to sell his farm for financial reasons, and he has even considered ending his life.

Source: Love is in the pasture – M6

Matthieu Delormeau asks him if, despite his mistakes, the candidate has still managed to find love. The interested party replied: “I have women but I do not want the press to know about it. I live in secret love. ”He then revealed that he had been in a relationship with a woman for two years, before their relationship ended. At that time he told us the sad news: “Later I met a woman who had died, in a car in Clermont-Ferrand. Then I have adventures, and then here it is… ”The Objeko team sincerely hopes that the candidate of L’amour est dans le pré will manage to overcome this difficult test, and find love soon!

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